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YouTube deletes and restores Anthony Pompliano’s channel


Anthony Pompliano, a co-founder of the venture capital company Morgan Creek Digital, said that on the evening of October 11, YouTube deleted his channel during a broadcast with the popular blogger PlanB.

According to the owner of the channel, this happened after discussing a bullish scenario for Bitcoin (BTC) for the next five years.

Later, Pompliano published screenshots of letters from the service. In them, the content about the first cryptocurrency is called “dangerous and harmful”. Representatives of the video hosting considered that the creators of the channel allegedly “encourage illegal activities”.

“Harmful content”

“Then they said we should get a warning, but I received a second email saying that the channel was being deleted in a few seconds”. The co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital wrote. About two hours later, Pompliano reported that the YouTube restored channel “without any explanation from the company”.

Previously, YouTube targeted crypto-related content on the platform. With its algorithms identifying videos containing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as “harmful content”. And allows reviewers to determine any grounds for appeal.

In the situation with Pompliano, he was able to attract the attention of YouTube support team on Twitter; within a few minutes, thanks to his 1.1M subscribers and verified account. Other creators of cryptocurrency content, on the other hand, reported days of waiting.

The risk of relying on a centralized platform

The apparent arbitrary removal of a major player in the cryptocurrency space highlights the risk of relying on a centralized platform such as YouTube. Instagram, FaceBook and WhatsApp went down for about six hours last week, which probably disrupted the community’s interaction with crypto and blockchain projects.

Earlier, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak joined a class-action lawsuit against YouTube and its parent company Google. The reason was fraudulent videos about the distribution of Bitcoins using his name. In 2021, it became known that Wozniak lost the case.

Recall that in March, Ripple and its CEO Brad Garlinghouse entered into a settlement agreement with YouTube on a lawsuit filed against the video hosting in 2020. The plaintiffs accused the service of failing to take action against scammers promoting fake XRP token giveaways on their behalf.

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