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Warner Music Group announces partnership with blockchain gaming developer Splinterlands


Warner Music Group established a relationship with Splinterlands, a fantasy-themed collectible card game creator, on Wednesday. WMG artists will be able to build and develop play-to-earn, arcade-style blockchain games. As a result of the collaboration between the two organisations. Warner Music Group launched its first foray into the nonfungible token (NFT) metaverse last month. Through a partnership with The Sandbox, with the purpose of giving WMG artists another way to interact with their fans. WMG’s chief digital officer and executive vice president of business development, Oana Ruxandra, said in a statement:

“By teaming up with Splinterlands to create unique tokenized games, we’ll be able to open up new revenue sources for our artists who show interest in the space while also elevating the importance of fans and community.”

Meantime, Jesse “Aggroed” Reich, Splinterlands’ co-founder and CEO, declared:

“We’re ecstatic to be working with WMG, and I’m looking forward to more partnerships at the convergence of gaming, music, crypto, NFTs, DeFi, and blockchain.”

Splinterlands is a blockchain game that evolved by Splinterlands, which founded in 2018. It’s a one-on-one skill-based battle game in which participants may freely purchase, sell, and trade cards. With all transactions recorded on the Hive blockchain.

The game presently has 1.8 million registered users. With 450,000 active daily users, and has recently exceeded the 1 billion battles mark. Based on the number of users over the last seven days, it is the most popular blockchain game, according to DappRadar.

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