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Valour launches world’s first Uniswap-based ETP


Valour, a subsidiary of DeFi Technologies, announced the launch of Exchange Traded Products (ETP). Based on the native token of the Uniswap decentralized exchange (UNI) on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

“This is the first-ever Uniswap-based ETP offered to investors on traditional stock exchanges”; said Russell Starr, executive chairman of DeFi Technologies. Valour CEO Diana Biggs stressed that Valour Uniswap will give investors access “to areas of innovation, in particular, decentralized financing.”

As of October 25, the volume of Valour’s assets under management (AUM) exceeded $290 million. Since the beginning of the year, the indicator has increased by 3033%.

The total trading volume on Uniswap

In addition, according to DeFiLlama, the volume of blocked funds in Uniswap is $5.24 billion. Moreover, the UNI token ranks 15th in the ranking of the largest crypto assets by capitalization. With an indicator of $14.4 billion, according to CoinGecko.

On October 26, the total trading volume on Uniswap since its launch exceeded $500 billion

Uniswap v3 processed daily volumes of $115 million over the Arbitrum and Optimism smart contract networks, according to Hayden Adams, the company’s founder.

Grayscale Digital Large Cap

Recall that earlier in October, Grayscale Investments included the UNI token and the Solana cryptocurrency in the Digital Large Cap Fund trust.

“In accordance with the design criteria, we adjusted the Grayscale Digital Large Cap Fund portfolio by selling a certain number of existing components in proportion to their respective weights and used the funds received to purchase Solana and Uniswap,” the announcement says.

Thus, as of October 1, the volume of the Digital Large Cap Fund was estimated at $494.6 million. Its basket includes the following digital assets: Bitcoin (62.19%), Ethereum (26,08%), Cardano (5,11%), Solana (3,24%), Uniswap (1,06%), Chainlink (0,82%), Litecoin (0,77%) and Bitcoin Cash (0,73%). The total volume of assets managed by Grayscale Investments amounted to $41.5 billion.

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