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US Navy to pilot blockchain-based project to improve medical supply lines


The US military is continuing to investigate blockchain technology as a way to enhance its operations. In May, the US Navy announced that it had secured a $1.5 million contract with Consensus Networks to create HealthNet, a blockchain-based logistics system. The IoTeX-based project is 50% finished, with a pilot slated for early 2022.

According to reports, Consensus Networks intends to use the HealthNet platform to deliver real-time monitoring and logistics to roughly 700,000 sailors and marines. The Navy’s security and scalability needs prompted the developer to choose the IoTex blockchain.

The project is 50% complete, according to Nathan Miller, CEO and creator of Consensus Networks, and the US Navy is happy with the progress thus far. The Navy will “participate alongside other partners that are interested in the blockchain-powered HealthNet,” he said.

Medical logistics, pharmaceutical demand, blood product demand forecast, and the supply of prostheses and medical equipment are among the pilot initiatives to enhance the antiquated and inefficient processes.

Blockchain-based solutions will help the medical business refresh its systems

Miller believes that blockchain-based solutions will help the medical business refresh its systems, and he added:

“It’s hard to think that today’s automakers, such as Ford, have a stronger network for assuring the health of their cars in the shop or on the road than the medical industry does to monitor and preserve people’s health.”

Miller clarified that HealthNet is not a Navy-only initiative. It would enable medical operators to trace medical supplies from manufacturer to patient. Using an integrated data environment and an interface, therefore reducing delivery time and waste.

“It will be fantastic for senior homes, for example, by allowing them to receive better treatment. Without having to drive or to go to a healthcare centre”, Miller said. “The system will assist track their health and foresee their requirements so they don’t have to go to clinics”.

Blockchain technology has been in use by the US military before. One of the first branches of the military to sign a deal with a blockchain business was the Air Force. Simba Chain received an award of $10 million from the US Navy to design a secure communications network. In 2021, Simba will receive another reward of $1.5 million to develop a blockchain-based system. For demand sensing for essential military armament parts.

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