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US bobsledder feels the Bitcoin rhythm and orange pills his fans


Johnny Quinn, the Olympic bobsledder, is the most recent athlete to take the orange pill. While welcoming the Bitcoin class of 2022, he gave his best BTC education in a Twitter thread.

“No excuses,” he says, as he instructs his fans to go over his reading list. “Get it over with;” “Under no circumstances should you take directions from the mainstream,” Quinn says. They’re perplexed.”

Additionally, he backs up his claim with a slew of media publications and headlines dating back to September 2017 that show huge institutional players like Visa, JPMorgan, and Goldman Sachs changing their minds about Bitcoin.

Jamie Dimon’s JPMorgan Chase is the most effective 180-degree switch. The world’s largest investment bank now supports Bitcoin as an investment instrument, despite its CEO lambasting it in 2017:

The Olympian also advises the wise to stay away from “moon-boys.” Moon-boys are cryptocurrency YouTubers and influencers who promote dangerous trading strategies in the quest of Lamborghinis, or, more lately, displaying an NFT to their audience. Quinn proposes instead:

“The play involves dollar-cost averaging your BTC position over a long time horizon (without utilising leverage).”

The competitive world of sports is a hotbed for Bitcoin adoption

Besides, Quinn is the latest addition to a growing group of Bitcoin sports guys. The competitive world of sports is a hotbed for BTC adoption. With NFL stars and NBA winners accepting BTC as payment for their annual wages. To a tiny Bedford football (soccer) club placing “Bitcoin at its core.”

Quinn started tweeting about BTC in early 2021. And finished one of Michael Saylor’s “Bitcoin for Everyone” online courses in the Autumn of last year. Since then, he has become an outspoken promoter of BTC, while also promoting himself.

The BTC Twitter community, as well as his 19,000 followers, responded positively to “Coach Quinn, Bitcoin Class of 2021’s” Twitter thread. Moreover, Cory Swan, the founder of Swan Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency exchange based in the United States, reposted the thread. Calling it a “wonderful thread for Newcoiners!”

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