Home News Unknown people with a knife stole cryptocurrency from a student

Unknown people with a knife stole cryptocurrency from a student


Unknown people with a knife stole cryptocurrency from a student. A student at the University of Kent in the UK was the victim of a robbery. The attackers’ prey was passwords from his financial applications and accounts on which the cryptocurrency was stored, writes The Sun.

The publication does not specify the date of the incident. But reports that at the time of the attack, the victim’s cryptocurrency savings were estimated at £6,000 ($8,200).

Currently, according to the newspaper, the value of the stolen assets is £68,000 (more than $93,000).

They also stole £3,000 from the training grant

According to the victim’s mother, before the robbery, he discussed cryptocurrency with a friend on campus. Later, robbers armed with a knife broke into his apartment. In addition to transferring digital assets to their own accounts, they also stole £3,000 from the training grant.

The student contacted the police, but they did not respond to the call. Law enforcement officials said that they conducted an investigation of the incident, including a blockchain analysis of wallets.

But no one was charged and the investigation was stopped eight months later.

Afek Zard

Hand in jail

Recall that in August, a court in Israel found a local resident guilty of stealing $75,000 from his friend. At the time of the abduction, this amount was more than $6 million.

Afek Zard, a 27-year-old Israeli, was a regular guest at his friend’s house and could easily get there in the absence of the owner. Law enforcement officers discovered that he had penetrated the victim’s computer and gained access to the wallet. Interestingly, Zard denied all the charges and refused to provide passwords to his devices. As a result, law enforcement officers failed to seize the stolen property.

However, the court found him guilty of hacking devices, money laundering, fraud and aggravated theft. The charges required a minimum of 12 years in prison. However, the court sentenced him to 8 years in prison, a fine of $ 1.5 million and compensation to the victim in the amount of about $ 80,000.

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