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Ukrainian Monobank plans to offer Bitcoin trading in July


Against the background of the discussion by the Ukrainian government of laws relating to the regulation of the cryptocurrency market, a large Ukrainian electronic bank Monobank is preparing to issue a debit card with the ability to trade Bitcoins (BTC). The new option will become available to users at the end of this month. This announcement made the co-founder of the company Oleg Gorokhovsky. According to him, the development of the card in Bitcoins has already been completed. In general, the card will make it possible to easily and transparently make sales and purchases of cryptocurrency.

The bank will also integrate with an unnamed cryptocurrency exchange. According to sources, the WhiteBit exchange will most likely act as a partner of monobank.

According to Gorokhovsky, the development of the project has already been completed and is awaiting approval from the National Bank of Ukraine.

Other developments awaiting release

In addition, the team is working on supporting the mobile operator’s eSIM.

“Deep integration with a mobile operator. Everything will be simple and beautiful, “Gorokhovsky said. The development of this service is nearing completion, with a release scheduled for August.

For July-August, the co-founder of monobank still promises the so-called acquiring of a healthy person – now it is being actively developed. Acquiring is an opportunity for an enterprise to accept non-cash payments for goods and services with plastic cards.

In addition, in the fall of 2021, monobank will introduce a new custom product that will allow clients to trade stocks and securities on the leading American exchange.

As such, the co-founder unveiled four new features that scheduled to launch this year.

Interest in digital currencies in Ukraine

Monobank is a Ukrainian internet banking application launched in 2017. It positions itself as the first mobile bank in Ukraine without branches. Has over three million clients.

Previously, Gorokhovsky served as deputy chairman of the board of PrivatBank, one of the largest commercial banks in Ukraine. He expressed optimism about Bitcoin back in February, saying that Tesla’s $ 1.5 billion purchase of Bitcoin had finally convinced him of Bitcoin’s potential. Gorokhovsky also reported on personal investments in cryptocurrency and suggested that the price of Bitcoin will reach $ 100,000 by 2022.

Interest in digital currencies in Ukraine is growing rapidly. Moreover, both ordinary citizens of the country and large businessmen engaged in investing in Bitcoin and other coins.

For example, two years ago, one of the largest Ukrainian bankers, Igor Kolomoisky, admitted that he keeps part of his capital in Bitcoin.

In the same month, monobank stopped carrying out SEPA transfers from the Binance cryptocurrency exchange.

Note that monobank has released a new product for its clients – individual entrepreneurs – a virtual key card. In beta, the new product became available on June 8th.

We also note that this spring, monobank began issuing cash loans in an amount equivalent to an installment plan. The commission for use was 1.9% of the loan amount per month. In fact, it was the same installment plan, only in cash.

However, on June 10 it became known that monobank had suspended the issuance of cash loans. Moreover, the bank changed the terms of the installment plan and now it is impossible to transfer any amount spent in installments.

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