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UK tax authority makes first NFT seizure in VAT fraud case


HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), the UK main tax body, has confiscated three nonfungible tokens (NFTs) linked to a possible tax evasion scheme.

The tax watchdog claimed to be the first law enforcement organisation in the United Kingdom to seize NFT. According to the BBC, the NFT confiscation coincided with the arrest of three people suspected of dodging taxes through a variety of complex methods.

The accused individuals allegedly formed 250 bogus’shell’ firms. And used fictitious identities to escape £1.4 million ($1.8 million) in value-added taxes (VAT).

The accused were ordered by the court to hand over $6,765 (£5,000) in digital assets as well as three NFTs. The recent seizures of NFTs and digital assets in a tax fraud case, according to HMRC deputy director Nick Sharp, serve as a warning to individuals. Who are attempting to hide money from the authorities. He expressed himself as follows:

“We’re always adapting to new technology to stay on top of how criminals and tax evaders try to hide their assets.”

The tax authority’s public warning is standard. However, it’s worth noting that the confiscated digital assets and NFTs seized as assets. As is customary in tax evasion cases for authorities to make up for losses after court procedures. The confiscated digital assets and artefacts were not visible as a means of committing the crime on their own.

NFTs peaked in popularity in 2021 and have since become a popular choice with brands and the general public. Legislators have been a common regulatory topic due to their growing popularity and use cases. These regulatory debates are commonplace in the traditional financial industry.

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