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Twitter demonstrated how NFT verification system works


Twitter demonstrated how NFT verification system works. The head of Consumer Product Marketing, Justin Taylor, posted a video demonstrating an interface for working with non-fungible tokens (NFT). The social platform will allow participants to use the latter as avatars.

The video was recorded by Software Engineer Mada Aflak. To install NFT instead of a profile photo, users need to connect a digital wallet and select a token. The blockchain in which the asset is released will be displayed next to the avatar.

Users will also be able to show their NFT collections to other people. The social network will add the corresponding Collectible tab to the activity menu. The demonstrated features are under development, so the menu view and the functions themselves may change. Furthermore, the release date remains unknown.

Bitcoin donations

Previously, on September 24, Twitter officially introduced Cryptocurrency tipping access to all users via the Lightning Network. To do this, you need to connect a third-party service like Strike app to the profile. Thus, the social networking service “does not participate in the movement of funds” and does not receive revenue from payments. At the same time, the company announced plans to add an NFT verification system to the social platform.

The CEO of Strike, Jack Mallers, showed how Bitcoin donates work on Twitter. He sent $10 using the Lightning Network Bitcoin L2 solution from the USA to El Salvador.

The CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, is a long-time supporter of the Lightning Network. In 2019, he stated that the integration of the network into the CashApp application from Square (also owned by him) is a matter of time.

The Lightning Network

Recall that after the launch of Bitcoin donations on Twitter, the number of nodes and channels in the Lightning Network increased by 23.68% and 22.24%, respectively, during the day.

Since the beginning of the year, the capacity of the micropayment network has grown by more than 170%. From 1058 BTC to 2866 BTC. The total number of nodes reached 27,044, and 73,400 channels.

In recent months, Lightning Network has integrated OKEx Bitcoin exchange and Paxful P2P platform.

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