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Trick or Treat: Will Halloween NFTs be hauntingly good or too spooky for crypto?


Halloween has long been associated with costumes, sweets, and trick-or-treating, but as the metaverse develops, the festival is shifting to the virtual realm. As a result, nonfungible tokens (NFTs) with Halloween themes are being generated in the hopes of attracting collectors searching for themed drops.

Despite the fact that Halloween-themed NFTs appear to be a novel concept, NFT creator Etsploit believes that the holiday has cultural significance: “I believe people will collect NFTs for Halloween in the same way they collect NFT limited editions or releases of anything else.”

Etsploit responded by launching the “Mango Heroes” project, which is a collection of NFTs based on the Solana blockchain and inspired by the decentralised trading platform Mango Markets. On Oct. 31, 7,000 “Mango Heroes” will be accessible, as well as a special Halloween version of the collection, according to Etsploit. “To a member of our Mango Heroes discord who has contributed the most to expanding our community, we will be giving away a Mango Hero evocative of Jason from the Halloween Movie series,” Etsploit added.

Source: Mango Heroes

“Monster Bash”

Aside from Mango Heroes, NFTignition has introduced a new NFT series called “Monster Bash” just in time for Halloween 2021. The Monsters Bash collection includes 10,000 NFTs based on iconic monsters that live on the Ethereum blockchain, according to Danielle Davis, founder of NFTignition. “A sequence of generative art pieces in both human and monster forms are included in the collection. In before of your eyes, your (Hooman) condition will turn into a monster”.

Monster Bash is a tribute to iconic cinematic creatures including vampires, mummies, and werewolves, according to Davis. Davis noted that the Monster Bash selection, like other NFT initiatives that appeal to collectors seeking certain themes, tries to evoke nostalgia in viewers.

Source: NFTignition

Uncanny Apes

Uncanny Apes, a collection made by the Imperium token team comprising 5,999 “misfit” apes, has released another Halloween edition NFT. According to J.B. Shaw, co-founder of Uncanny Apes, the Halloween edition of Uncanny Apes offers a “ghostly squad of scary apes with their own individual degree of originality.”

The Imperium token will start with a limited release of 666 NFTs of the eerie primates, according to Shaw. “There are a total of 25 distinct potential qualities for the Halloween Edition apes, divided into five categories (backgrounds, headgear, haircut, eyeglasses, and facial expressions).”

Source: Uncanny Apes

While the crypto community is launching killer mangoes, shifting monsters, and multicoloured apes, celebrities and large corporations have also produced Halloween-themed digital artefacts.

Martha Stewart’s NFT

For example, last month, Martha Stewart, an American entrepreneur and television personality, launched a Halloween series of NFTs, which are presently on show on Fresh Mint, Stewart’s own NFT website. According to insiders, one of Stewart’s NFT collections includes numerous of the eccentric T.V. host’s past Halloween outfits. Others include artwork by Roy Lichtenstein, a “black widow,” and a “ghostly equestrienne.” Work by the Brooklyn-based group “Maniac Pumpkin Carvers” is included in several of Stewart’s prominent NFT releases.

Customers interested in these NFTs can bid on products such as the “Custom Carved Pumpkin,” as well as request particular designs that are not NFTs, in keeping with the Martha Stewart brand. In an Instagram post on Oct. 19, Stewart announced that this is the first of several NFT collections she intends to offer.

If Martha Stewart’s NFT collection wasn’t terrifying enough, Spirit Halloween, North America’s largest Halloween store, is exhibiting an NFT collection this year as well. Upland, a blockchain-based metaverse, and Spirit Halloween just announced a partnership. This would let the shop showcase some of its most famous costumes, like Jack the Ripper, in Upland’s virtual environment.

Celebrating Halloween in the metaverse with NFTs

The functionality behind Spirit Halloween’s NFT collection is unquestionably intriguing. The entire launch of Spirit Halloween NFT packages, for example, began on October 25 and includes Halloween-themed game pieces known as “block explorers”. Spirit Halloween will take over the Upland metaverse after the launch with their NFT packages. Which include in-game decorations, terrifying block explorers, and Upland “Legits,” a new generation of interactive NFTs.

Legits contain 3D designs that are suitable for a mobile experience, according to Dirk Lueth, co-founder of Upland. These new NFTs, according to Lueth, will provide a degree of gamification. That “die-hard Spirit Halloween fans will want to collect, trade, and flaunt, as well as an additional level of involvement”.

Source: BEAR NFT

“NFTs are Dead”

Decentraland, a blockchain-based metaverse, is also honouring NFTs this Halloween by collaborating with BEAR NFT and a number of other groups to put on a Metaverse event named “NFTs are Dead”. The virtual gathering, which will serve as Decentraland’s official Halloween party and performance, will take place on October 31.

Given that Decentraland’s virtual land is a nonfungible token, Ryan Kieffer, event producer and co-founder of BEAR NFT, believes that NFTs will play a significant role. NFT wearables will be airdropped to consumers throughout the event, according to Kieffer.

The goal of such an event, according to Kieffer, is to bring people together in the metaverse. Which appears to be a recurring theme following COVID-19. Monster Bash collectors may earn passive revenue through in-game competitions, in addition to virtual Halloween get-togethers, Davis said. “Each time, there will be a battle pit against other monsters, with one monster emerging victorious!” Each of the monsters has unique characteristics that enable them to excel in different contests,” Davis explains.

Surprisingly, virtual games based on NFTs might be one of the finest uses for holiday-themed nonfungibles. According to recent statistics from the Worldwide Asset Exchange, a boom in gaming activity has fueled considerable NFT growth. With over $1 million in NFT trading created on the platform only in the previous month.

Will Halloween NFTs be a one-time event or a recurring one?

Halloween-themed NFTs appear to be in plenty this year. Notwithstanding, some may question if this is a trend that will continue. Or if it is simply another opportunity to get on board the NFT hype train while it is still hot.

Although it’s difficult to forecast the future of crypto, Kieffer feels there is room for additional Halloween-themed NFTs. Particularly wearables that can be usable as costumes. To Kieffer’s point, as the concept gains acceptance, a number of premium fashion designers have produced NFT collections. Which can be worn virtually.

Etsploit agreed with Kieffer that Halloween-themed NFTs may acquire popularity in a few years. “I think most people are searching for what will be the next long-term blue-chip project right now,” he said. Shaw also stated that the Halloween edition of Uncanny Ape may be too niche for the general market. Nevertheless, he feels that the main Uncanny Ape line would pique collector interest.

The Monster Bash collection was available in the days running up to Halloween. However, Davis stated that it is not a Halloween production.

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