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“The world needs to PUT IN more crypto solutions”


“PUTinCoin is your unique method of cryptographic communication!” The head of the PUT IN Club Association, Siegfried Haselsteiner, says. “I would want to warmly welcome you to your opportunity to embrace the world of blockchain, crypto assets, and smart contracts,” he continues. You will find the individuals and the network to actualize your own cryptographic success, whether you are a rookie, professional, programmer, developer, scientist, investor, or marketer.”

Crypto and Blockchain is the most fascinating innovation of the century

That is why we devote a significant amount of our time and effort to researching new trends and advances in this fascinating topic, technology, and business.

Our members collect data from a variety of online and offline sources on a regular basis, meet with developers and opinion leaders, conduct surveys and evaluations, and share this information with the rest of the club.

We also invite developers and experts to join the club, join the exploration team, provide feedback and comments, and “put in” their expertise.

As a result of all these efforts, the PUTinCoin, a unique fan-coin for and about Russia and its president has been created. PUTinCoin has been deployed in 2017 and until then, it has gathered a big and steadily growing community.

PUTinCoin is a crypto asset available for people. It is driven by POS (proof-of-stake) consensus, which allows everybody to mine new coins without the need of investing in expensive hardware and bear gigantic energy costs. You can mine PUTinCoin with your own home PC. All you need to do is buy some PUTinCoin on Folgory Exchange and PUT it on your staking wallet, which you can download at https://putincoin.org/wallets.

Developing innovative projects and utilizing technology

But there are a lot of additional projects, which are under development. A fan shop, stable token, NFT-collection and an own DeFi bridge are currently in the line.

Also, we are constantly striving for new and exciting crypto and blockchain initiatives.

Our members & community profit from these projects, and they can participate at any moment.

We’re taking on the task of inventing new and unique solutions, whether it’s a new coin, smart contract, book, or webinar. That is how we PUT IN useful solutions to the crypto community throughout the world.

For our members and the global crypto community, our operations dedicated to completing projects, developing new technologies, and providing educational opportunities. All the projects are open-source and available to the public.

The community is what propels crypto!

It is impossible for one person to build decentralized solutions for the benefit of the entire globe. This will necessitate the participation of many people.

PUTinCoin provides a forum for cryptographic interchange supporters and promoters to interact and collaborate. Developers, programmers, analysts, coaches, marketers, salespeople, fans, and supporters from all over the world make up our team.

Our members can exchange knowledge and information, join success groups. As well PUT IN excellent projects to the entire community through webinars, events, meetings, and networks.

Connecting individuals take is also part of our activities. We think it’s so crucial to provide our members with a network of collaboration. That it’s the second most important thing we do after coming up with fresh ideas. Membership is free. However, donations are greatly appreciated.

Finally, our mission is to assist people in learning, creating, and implementing blockchain technology. The project operates in the same way as the blockchain does. Through a global, decentralized network of enthusiastic individuals. Who want to be a part of the most fascinating and forward-thinking open-source system for value and data sharing.

Besides, major cooperation to achieve mutual success with market partners. Such as the partnership of PUTinCoin Main Pair on Folgory Exchange.

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