Home News The WallStreetBets community has released a collection of NFT

The WallStreetBets community has released a collection of NFT


The Reddit community WallStreetBets (WSB) has released a Diamond Hands Pass collection of 15,000 non-fungible tokens (NFT).

“The WSB community has been giving away memes for free for too long. Apple should be paying everyone royalties for rocket and diamond emojis at this point. That’s why we have brought together a global team of artists, creators, DeFi pioneers and blockchain fanatics to develop NFTs that combine the culture and creativity shown by the community over the past year,” said Jaime Rogozinski, the founder of the community.

In addition, holders of Diamond Hands Pass tokens will receive a number of advantages and opportunities: access to the chat in Discord; voting privileges; participation in exclusive WSB events; increased remuneration for profitable farming in the WSBDApp application; WSB merch and unique electronic devices of the metaverse community; premium access to future NFT releases.

The Diamond Hands Pass collection

Each token has its own uniqueness and rarity properties. Thus, the basis of the authors’ manual work creates digital assets.

“We are proud to present the Diamond Hands Pass collection, with which we are entering new DeFi frontiers and creating offers that help ordinary people to own their financial future. And it’s just a cool art,” Rogozinski added.

A lottery for 30,000 tickets (up to 5 pieces per wallet) will distribute NFT.

A decentralized application

Earlier, Rogozinsky launched a decentralized application for investing in exchange-traded products (ETP). In particular, WallStreetBets Dapp is based on the model of a decentralized autonomous organization. Moreover, users of the application will be able to vote for rebalancing portfolios using WSB management tokens.

According to the press release, the purpose of the product is to combat manipulation in the stock market. The application is based on blockchain technology, but it is intended for investment in traditional securities.

“Well-known members of the WallStreetBets community are working with experts in the field of financial technologies and blockchain to create exchange products. Despite the similarity with index funds, ETP can be managed completely in a decentralized manner,” the report says.

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