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The Sandbox co-founder wants to defend Metaverse against Big Tech


Sebastien Borget, one of Sandbox‘s co-founders, aims to protect the Metaverse against Big Tech behemoths looking to break into the embryonic industry.

Borget stated in a recent interview that huge tech businesses like Meta entering the Metaverse is not something he is enthusiastic about. He went on to say that huge technology corporations could jeopardise the Metaverse’s decentralisation. Since their business models are incompatible with it.

The co-founder of Sandbox went on to say that it’s not about the competition. But rather about a more open and decentralised future. Web 2.0 is dominated by tech giants. Which Web 3.0 innovations such as the Metaverse and cryptography are attempting to break. Borget declared:

“We don’t believe those firms can create something truly enjoyable for their users because they’ve put their focus on their core business model and how to satisfy shareholders rather than users who own the asset and control the governance of their own platform.”

To reflect its concentration on the virtual world, Facebook changed its name to Meta. After a failed attempt to introduce a universal stablecoin, the social media behemoth has turned its attention to becoming the main tech behemoth in the emerging virtual reality metaverse.

The Sandbox COO is concerned about Facebook’s business model, which has a poor track record with user data misuse.

Softbank, a Japanese banking powerhouse, led a $93 million round of funding for The Sandbox. It also debuted the first Metaverse game in which players can purchase virtual lands. Which has already made headlines thanks to a $4.3 million virtual land sale. The metaverse projects are among the most sought-after crypto projects. Because they mix the finest of crypto with a virtual reality-based game economy.

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