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The Morningside music school accepts cryptocurrency as payment for lessons


The Morningside School of Music in Edinburgh began accepting lesson fees in the form of cryptocurrency, much to the delight of some international students.

Breakthrough technology is the path to the future. Thanks to blockchain and cryptocurrency, processes such as supply chain management and cross-border payments have become more efficient, saving companies money in the process. It’s no surprise that blockchain developers are in such high demand.

This interest has seeped into the education sector, where top schools and universities offer industry-specific courses. The Morningside School of Music has taken it one step further and now accepts cryptocurrency as tuition fees.

Many students now work in the city’s burgeoning financial technology sector, so perhaps this is a natural progression for all universities and schools. It should be noted that many of the school’s students are foreign, which in turn means foreign payments and delays and sometimes excessive transaction fees. Thanks to the innovation, the school makes payment transactions much easier and safer for these students.

Director of The Morningside School about innovation

Director of The Morningside Linda Boyd said the school has previously used cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) to make business purchases, so they know how fast and easy it is and want students to have the same opportunity. She also noted that the financial technology industry is very developed in Edinburgh, and many of the school’s students work or study in this sector, so for them it is just an alternative way of paying. Additionally, Boyd believes that cryptocurrency payments will become commonplace in the near future.

The Morningside School of Music sees itself as innovative and embracing new technologies, as evidenced by its new payment method.

Cryptocurrency in the world

Cryptocurrency in 2021 is not just a buzzword which inserted into all dialogues about money on the Internet. A couple of years ago, it was considered a speculative instrument, and everyone dreamed of climbing on Bitcoin. But what if speculativeness isn’t exactly what unlocks the potential of digital currencies?

Today, cryptocurrency isn’t just for trading. People use Bitcoin to pay for dinner in a cafe, pay for public transport, and that’s not all. Many countries are thinking about launching their own national digital currency. And large companies are already accepting cryptocurrency as a means of payment.

According to the Director of The Morningside, some big companies around the world are already doing this, so why not? “It’s only a matter of time when smaller companies, like ours, will start doing the same”, Boyd said.

It is not the only educational institution in Europe that accepts payments in virtual currency. The University of Lucerne in Switzerland began accepting bitcoin payments last October.

Therefore, we can easily say that cryptocurrency isn’t going anywhere and will eventually become the usual way of payment.

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