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The Love Care Coin (TLCC)


Blockchain 420 Inc. is on a mission to improve the world through love and care, so The Love Care Coin was created to help us achieve that goal.

The Love Care Coin has its own wallet, which is available for free in the Google and Apple shops as well as online.

Anyone with an internet connection can use Blockchain 420’s wallet. It offers the opportunity to invest in cryptocurrencies through worldwide decentralised financial systems. People can also send and receive money far more quickly than they could via a bank or wire transfer. As a result, remittance is exceptionally quick, inexpensive, and secure. The blockchain is a public ledger that is both transparent and irreversible. Your transactions are completely safe. By giving consumers monetary power for peer-to-peer and commercial transactions, TLCC is destabilising the financial system. TLCC offers worldwide bank-free transactions and the financial freedom that everyone deserves. We’re offering one-of-a-kind affiliate links so you may profit by spreading the love.

Maximum protection

Users’ information is well protected and will never be shared or sold, thanks to Blockchain 420 Inc.’s real belief in privacy and secrecy.

Furthermore, the Love Care currency is fully encrypted and subject to frequent auditing to ensure that the user has complete control over the ability to send, receive, and keep a wide range of digital assets. Furthermore, the user will have complete control over the private keys kept on his device.

The user can transfer and request Ether, USDT, and TLCC via the Ethereum Wallet provided by Blockchain 420 Inc. In addition, there is a watch feature that allows the user to add addresses. As well, receive notifications when they are active. Furthermore, extensive transaction information is available, including a complete history and the price of the user’s portfolio.

Blockchain 420 Inc., on the other hand, makes it simple to send and receive assets via QR codes or copy-and-paste functions. Full security is provided, as well as passcode protection for added encryption and security. As well, E-Money / E-Wallets are usable to store digital money such as stable coins like USDT.

Physical NFT viewer

The Blockchain 420 Inc. physical NFT viewer features a full HD vivid display (1920*1080). Furthermore, the programme is simple to use and can play both static and dynamic NFT art in a stylish modern design. Aside from high-quality sound effects and a long-lasting battery.

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