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The Discord community is splintered after the CEO announced a pre-released Ethereum integration


According to a pre-release screenshot posted by Discord’s CEO, Jason Citron, the platform’s capability for MetaMask and WalletConnect integration may be coming soon. Nevertheless, some members of the Discord community expressed their displeasure with the change, threatening to cancel their Nitro memberships.
Users of Discord will be able to actively participate in emerging crypto efforts such as NFTs, Web 3.0, and token adoption thanks to the new function.

Citron’s revelation of the Ethereum blockchain integration came in response to a tweet from Packy McCormick, the creator of Not Boring, who shared an article called “Imagine a human website.” Consider a place where dank memes are as plentiful as honey. Consider a location where potatoes thrive. Imagine a world where humans and robots coexist peacefully. To put it another way, imagine a location like Discord.”

Users opinions are conflicting

The gaming community disputed Citron’s screenshot of the pre-released Discord application, citing the ecosystem’s persistent concerns with carbon emissions, money laundering, and uncertainty in the nonfungible token (NFT) market.

Furthermore, as a result of the reaction, many users have cancelled their subscriptions to Discord Nitro, the platform’s premium version that costs $4.99 per month or $49.99 for a year. Olivia, a Discord user, put it this way:

“Implementing NFTs in discord would result in bad PR. And a drop in Nitro subscriptions as a large number of people cancel. NFTs cause environmental damage, and are mainly used for tax evasion&money laundering. The entire thing is a Ponzi scheme. Do not connect discord to this“

On the other hand, many members of the gaming community consider this as a positive step in the right direction. Another user, Bryce NFT, argued in response to Olivia:

“You really just called the NFT space a Ponzi scheme without valid evidence. Don’t comment on anything when you have no idea about the space.”

Metamask being a revolution for the crypto world

Millions of users have been onboarded to the crypto world thanks to MetaMask integrations. Bitfinex Pay, a cryptocurrency payment gateway, added a MetaMask integration to its platform on Friday.
Bitfinex Pay now has over 10 million new users who can send and receive cryptocurrency payments. Thanks to the MetaMask integration.

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