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Texas crypto users will be able to buy and sell tokens at supermarket chain


Texas grocery giant H-E-B has confirmed the news that crypto ATMs will be installed in their stores.

Texas has repeatedly featured in news headlines as one of the most crypto-loyal states in America. Primarily due to the presence of a generous energy system based on renewable energy sources, it has already attracted the attention of millions of miners from around the world. Now it has come to supermarkets. Where, in addition to products, everyone can make a deposit or convert part of their personal crypto investments into fiat. And the governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, has repeatedly admitted himself to be a supporter of virtual currency.

Cryptocurrency ATM company Coin Cloud announced that it will install its devices on the H-E-B network as part of its global expansion. This is not the first time the company has decided to install crypto ATMs in the country. The team announced that it will install the 2000th machine under the program. Adding more than 750 crypto ATMs to the “piggy bank” in the last six months alone.

Cryptocurrency status

ATMs are very useful for users who want to access virtual currencies or sell their digital assets. This allows people to easily buy or sell coins they want without resorting to the services of a cryptocurrency exchange. The devices allow you to exchange digital assets using cash, debit and credit cards. Visually, a cryptocurrency ATM resembles a conventional one. But it doesn’t issue fiat, but allows customers to purchase and sell various digital assets.

The ATMs will offer clients access to more than 30 assets, including: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, several USD-backed stablecoins, as well as tokens of various DeFi projects. According to H-E-B representatives from San Antonio, the pilot installation program covers 29 stores in Houston.

It’s also worth noting that crypto ATMs used to buy and sell digital assets, but few of them offered stablecoins. Currently, USD pegged stablecoins are also available from these ATMs.

The Coin Cloud CEO said he hopes that over time, retailers will become more aware of how fundamental cryptocurrency will play in the future, starting to integrate it into their businesses even more often.

Cryptocurrency ATMs are spreading around the world

In recent years, bitcoin ATMs have spread all over the world, and the United States is the country with the largest number of ATMs. According to CoinATMRadar, there are over 19,000 crypto ATMs installed in the country. This is the clear leader in the number of installed crypto ATMs.

In comparison, Canada and the United Kingdom have the second and third largest ATM installations in the world, respectively. This shows that the United States remains the market leader when analyzed in terms of the proliferation of cryptocurrency ATMs.

Cryptocurrency ATMs have become a beneficial help in a world where the largest banks still continue to block some transactions involving cryptocurrencies. In addition, they provide the proper level of anonymity for transactions up to $ 500, allowing potential traders to buy and sell digital currencies without having to register on the exchange and go through KYC checks.

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