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Snoop Dogg’s $17M NFT collection


Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., an American rapper known as Snoop Dogg announced that he is Cozomo de’ Medici. He gathered a collection of 247 non-fungible tokens (NFT), including nine CryptoPunks. DappRadar estimates it at $17.5 million.

Thus, Snoop Dogg created the Twitter account Cozomo de’ Medici in August 2021. And since then he has managed to acquire 37 thousand subscribers. During this time, he reported on his investments in NFT, demonstrating deep subject-matter expertise.

In addition to CryptoPunks worth from $348,250 to $4.73 million and ten Meebits, there are generative images in his portfolio. Among them are the components of the NFT “Fragments of an infinite field” by artist Monica Rizzolli, sold on the Art Blocks marketplace.

Collaboration with Nyan Cat

Recall that Snoop Dogg himself released the NFT collection in March on the marketplace Crypto.com. Among the partners of the marketplace at that time were American rapper K Camp, digital artist BossLogic, English automaker Aston Martin, American pop artist Lionel Richie and others.

Moreover, in April, Snoop Dogg, in collaboration with the author of the popular GIF meme Nyan Cat, Chris Torres, created a new animation in the form of NFT. On April 20, an NFT called Nyan Dog was sold on the Open Sea platform for 14.2 ETH. Approximately $33,000 at the time.

At the end of February, Torres sold Nyan Cat at the Foundation auction for 300 ETH. Then it was about $600,000.

Celebrities and NFT hype

Previously, the famous American comedian Steve Harvey launched a line of NFTs to raise funds for the benefit of a family charitable foundation. NFTs with images of Harvey are for sale on the Rarible marketplace.

In March, Canadian musician and singer Claire Elise Boucher, known under the pseudonym Grimes, sold a collection of NFT at the Nifty Gateway auction for $6 million.

In September, an American rapper, singer, and songwriter Doja Cat, released her first NFT collection. OneOf, a green NFT platform, has sold the single edition Crystal Token of its Doja Cat NFT collection for $188k.

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