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Singapore firm uses blockchain to battle counterfeit COVID-19 jabs


To prevent practitioners from providing expired COVID-19 vaccines, Zuellig Pharma, a Singaporean healthcare services firm, is employing a blockchain-based network to track immunizations.

In fact, Zuellig Pharma says that their innovative “eZTracker” management system, which uses a mobile app to allow clients to instantly verify the origins and authenticity of their immunizations, can help prevent the use of improperly stored or counterfeit vaccines.

“Expired or incorrectly stored vaccinations can be avoided,” said Daniel Laverick, Zuellig Pharma’s vice president and head of digital and data solutions.

Additionally, to boost supply chain transparency, eZTracker employs SAP blockchain to gather, track, and trace numerous data points. How it works is available on the eZTracker website:

“Simply scan the QR code on the packaging to see if your product came from an approved distributor right away.”

“Through its blockchain-powered app, patients may scan the 2D data matrix on the product packaging. In order to validate important product information such as expiration date, temperature, and origin,” Laverick explained.

Zuellig worked with MSD to implement eQTrakcer in Hong Kong in 2020

The SAP Blockchain operates as a Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform, allowing clients to create unique blockchain extensions for their existing applications. SAP claims that one of its systems impacts 77% of global transaction revenue.

Moreover, Zuellig worked with MSD to implement eQTrakcer in Hong Kong in 2020. Where it was in use to track vaccines for the Human Papilloma Virus, Gardasil.

“As the vaccinations pass through multiple handover points in the supply chain, the goods’ data points placed into eZTracker’s secure blockchain ledger. Ensuring it cannot be tampered with,” Laverick noted at the time.

“Users such as healthcare professionals and patients can authenticate the vaccine’s authenticity. By scanning a unique data matrix code on the product package.”

Zuellig is one of Asia’s largest healthcare service providers, founded 100 years ago. Zuellig also has a product called eZVax. Which offers end-to-end vaccination management to governments, local health agencies, and the business sector.

Significantly according to research by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, counterfeit medications cost between $520 million and $2.6 billion each year in Southeast Asia.

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