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Satoshi Nakamoto can become the richest man in the world?


Satoshi Nakamoto can become the world’s first trillionaire. In addition, Nakamoto will become the richest person in the world if the price of Bitcoin (BTC) reaches approximately $ 182,000. This sounds incredible, of course. But about the same as the current price of cryptocurrency a year ago.

Of course, the Bitcoin price is very volatile, at some point it stops growing or decreases significantly. But its growth over the past two years has been so unusual that it is absolutely impossible to predict at what point this will happen.

For example, Bloomberg predicted that BTC could reach $ 400,000 if it becomes a risk-free reserve asset.

Bitcoin’s creator remains one of the most controversial and mysterious figures of our time. Almost nothing is known about him, and there are a lot of all kinds of guesses about his personality. This person or group of people who gave the world the first cryptocurrency. And since 2017 it is in the top 50 richest people in the world.

As of March 2021, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is the richest person on Earth with a net worth of $ 181.6 billion.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, ranks second with $ 163.7 billion in revenue, owning more than 20% of the electric vehicle maker.

With a Bitcoin price of $ 182,000, Nakamoto’s net worth would be about $ 182 billion, higher than Bezos’s current net worth.

How many coins Nakamoto originally mined

This issue is as hotly debated as the true identity of the creator. Extensive research has been done, but no one has ever found a 100% correct answer.

According to various sources, Nakamoto owns approximately one million bitcoins. According to some studies, this figure is probably around 980,000 bitcoins.

At current Bitcoin prices, Satoshi Nakamoto is worth roughly $ 54 billion.

What is the value of Nakamoto’s fortune today?

Finding the answer to this question is an interesting task, since no one knows for sure which addresses belong to Satoshi, plus his own Bitcoin Cash and other branches (forks) of Bitcoin should be added to this. Such as Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Diamond, Bitcoin God, Super Bitcoin, Bitcoin Platinum, and more, it becomes obvious that Nakamoto is very rich. At the same time, the trend towards “forks” is just beginning. Imagine how many there will be in 10 years!

Faceless billionaire

Paradoxically, Satoshi Nakamoto, perhaps even the first trillionaire, could top the Forbes list of billionaires for the first time in history without any photos. Many believe that Bitcoin, among other things, thrives on the anonymity of its creator.

What happens if he decides to sell some of his coins?

It is known that Satoshi’s Bitcoins never moved, he never spent a single Bitcoin. But if Satoshi tries to spend at least part of his fortune, it can cause irreparable damage to Bitcoin. One transaction sent from a Satoshi address to some other address could cause excitement in the cryptocurrency world. In fact, he shouldn’t spend a single cent in order not to harm his brainchild. That is, he can become not only the richest man on the planet, but also the first rich man who can’t spend money.

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