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RSS3 aims to be the decentralized information processor of Web3


Really Simple Syndication (RSS), the first internet-wide information dissemination system, expected to compete with Web3 via RSS3, a decentralised information processing technology.

RSS3 outlined intentions for moving its popular internet feed update to Web3 in a technical whitepaper published on Monday. Every entity would get an RSS3 file that would serve as source data. After that, the source data file can be usable. In order to create social media, content networks, games, and other data-driven applications by aggregating all of the cyber activities. The source data would be in charge of deciding what information to make public and what information to keep private.

RSS is a file that contains a summary of a website’s most recent updates. Typically in the form of a list of articles with hyperlinks. These feed files designed to be decentralised and to play an important part in information exchange over the internet. The hegemony of centralised web hosting service providers, on the other hand, has resulted in the formation of the decentralised RSS3.

Building a decentralised information processing protocol from the ground up, according to the official document, is a difficult endeavour. That could take another six to eight months. The creators are also working on a DAO system, but believe that full decentralisation will take some time.

To spread the protocol over many decentralised networks, the development team has cooperated with Ethereum. As well as Arweave, Polygon, BSC, Arbitrum, Avalanche, Flow, and xDAI.

Coinbase Ventures, Dapper Labs, Dragonfly Capital, Fabric Ventures, and others have all contributed to the decentralised protocol’s development.

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