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Robert Kiyosaki predicts “a giant stock market crash”


The author of the bestseller “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and entrepreneur Robert Kiyosaki predicts “a giant stock market crash in October.” According to him, the same fate awaits gold, silver and Bitcoin (BTC). Among the reasons for the collapse, Kiyosaki called treasury bills.

“Cash is best suited for making deals after a crash. I don’t sell gold, silver, Bitcoin, I still keep a lot of cash for life after the stock market crash,” the entrepreneur wrote.

Kiyosaki also spoke about the next Chinese repression against the crypto industry, which on September 24 led to a drop in the price of Bitcoin below $42,000.

A government crypto coin

“This means that China is going to launch a government crypto coin. If the US follows their example, the Fed coin will outlaw Bitcoin. The US government will become centralized. Like China, communism will begin in the US, our freedoms will end,” he wrote.

In July, China published the first Digital Yuan White paper (DCEP). Previously, in June, the Shanghai authorities distributed $3 million to the population as part of testing the currency. Beijing has distributed more than $6 million.

In October 2020, the first mass testing of the digital yuan took place in Shenzhen, which has already organized three giveaways. Suzhou, Chengdu and Changsha also took part in the DCEP tests.

The largest crash in world history

In total, China has distributed more than $ 39 million during experiments with the digital yuan. In July 2021, US congressmen were concerned about China’s lag in the development of CBDC.

Recall that in June, Kiyosaki predicted “the largest crash in world history”. And predicted a drop in the price of Bitcoin to the level of $24,000. He added that market crashes are the best time to get rich.

A week later, the entrepreneur again warned about the upcoming “biggest catastrophe in world history” and urged to buy Bitcoin.

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