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Redditors cheer as GameStop assembles team of NFT experts


GameStop (GME) is putting together a team of blockchain and NFT professionals to work on the company’s new NFT platform.

As a consequence of the r/wallstreetbets and Robinhood saga earlier this year, the company’s GME stock has become a cult favourite among retail traders. The r/Superstonk group on Reddit has 659,000 members and is dedicated to conducting GME-related business and stock conversations.

At the time of publishing, a post on GameStop’s job advertisements had gotten over 10,000 upvotes, with many members expressing optimism about the retailer’s recent step.

In May, GameStop discreetly debuted a basic website for their NFT marketplace. The site now includes an Ethereum logo on a Nintendo Gameboy-style game console, as well as a message seeking volunteers to work on the platform.

Since then, the company has kept its cards close to its chest. But on October 25, it posted eight positions for crypto-friendly people. Including three openings for NFT experienced software engineers, three roles for product marketers. As well as two posts focused on Web3 based gaming.

GameStop is seeking for a one-of-a-kind person

GameStop is searching for someone with experience with “Ethereum, NFTs, and blockchain-based gaming platforms”, according to one of the job postings for Head of Web3 Gaming. The company has also revealed that it is working on certain Metaverse-related ambitions.

“GameStop is seeking for a one-of-a-kind person to help advance the future of gaming and commerce”. Games are the locations to travel in the future, and play is dictated by the items you bring. Future designers will not only create games, but also the components, characters, and equipment that go with them. The job description adds, “Blockchains will power the commerce beneath”.

A bullish signal

Yesterday, members of the r/Superstonk community were praising the company. With “Triaspia2” calling it one of the “greatest job listings” they’d seen and promising to buy more GME as a “bullish signal”.

 Redditor “Donnybiceps” was likewise upbeat, remarking that:

“People who haven’t hopped on board the GME train despite all of these indications should blame themselves for not thinking this through”.

In October, GME had a wild ride, falling as low as $166. Before rebounding back to roughly $187 before plummeting again. GME, however, has risen 2.8% this month, according to Tradingview statistics, and is currently trading at $178. GME is up 844% year-to-date.

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