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Redditor stashes away BTC worth $100 for 100 years in public library


In Bitcoin (BTC) land, there is never a dull moment. Despite the markets’ predictions of a downturn, the Bitcoin community’s inventiveness ensures that there is always something to laugh about.

With a time-lapse challenge, a Redditor named Optimal-Dentistador (henceforth, OD) questioned the Bitcoin network’s sustainability yesterday.

“Wrote a letter and also included the private keys for $100 worth in BTC,” OD said in a post on the Bitcoin subreddit. They further stated that they “placed 0.003 BTC on a new address. And put the private and public keys in the envelope with the message, and here we are.”

The life-long experiment was sparked by recent events held by the public library in OD’s city. Which, at OD’s desire, shall remain anonymous. In their citation, they state:

“There was an event where you could write a letter, poetry, or a diary that would be preserved for 100 years. If you include some personal information on the envelope, they may attempt to locate living relatives to deliver them.”

OD chose to include “something unique” in the time capsule. Specifically the public and private key data for 0.003 BTC (approximately $100 now). “I’ll tell my family about this,” they said, but OD joked that they might “eventually forget about this whole thing. Who knows what will happen in the coming decades.”

While 0.003 BTC may seem insignificant in 2022, the Reddit community quickly pointed out that in a hundred years, it could be a market-moving amount:

“Every single one of us will be dead and won’t see the conclusion”

In today’s environment, OD said, discovering the “Bitfinex hack amount of money” in a letter is like finding the “Bitfinex hack amount of money”. In connection with the Bitfinex incident, the US Department of Justice recently seized $3.6 billion.

Given that the letter won’t be opened until 2022, one Redditor, “fontinuos,” expressed regret that “every single one of us will be dead and won’t see the conclusion”. While the experiment is entertaining, OD admits that the end result is “a gloomy feeling.”

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