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Recruiters say crypto firms seeking leadership in engineering, legal and finance


Over the previous several years, the crypto business has experienced tremendous growth. According to specialists in the field of talent acquisition, crypto companies are in desperate need of good leadership. In order to scale their operations.

In fact, according to David Richardson, a partner at executive recruitment company Heidrick & Struggles, crypto is now a fast-maturing business that draws a lot of talent. “It’s all driven by these companies’ growth rates and their need to hire executives. Who can help them scale and maintain up with the business’s growth rate,” he explained.

Executives with experience scaling firms are sought by cryptocurrency companies. Heidrick & Struggles engagement manager Adrianna Huehnergarth remarked, “They’re eager to onboard such talent without prior knowledge of crypto or digital money”. She continued, “We’re seeing a lot of demand for heads of engineering leaders that have established large teams”.

Engineering, legal, finance, go-to-market, and corporate development are among the most sought-after skills for the C-suite, according to experts. Apart from knowledge, organisations look for CEOs with low ego who are adaptable, passionate, and enthusiastic about the space mission.

Because each country’s regulatory framework is unique, the importance of regulatory and legal officers makes sense, according to Huehnergarth. “Many of the companies we’ve worked with have a regional focus rather than a more traditional, centralised setup”.

Remote working is the new trend to recruit top experts

Remote work has become a big incentive to recruit top people in the crypto industry, according to Huehnergarth. Who added that many organisations have closed their offices. Long-term incentives and monetary remuneration are also sufficient to keep the best people on board.

“Crypto businesses have the cash. And they’ve been making offers that they can’t refuse to extremely senior individuals with only one or two years of crypto experience.”

Richardson pointed out that in the overall fintech ecosystem, some companies are more tech than fin, and others are more fin than tech. The founding team and how they set it up early on have a big influence on the culture. He highlighted that most crypto businesses begin with a core tech team. However, as they grow, they will need GMs, sales, finance, legal, and compliance personnel.

He went on to say that as the company grows, a lesser level of technical knowledge will suffice. People with more wide experience in investing in alternatives will be able to see crypto as a wonderful route to investigate once the technological hurdles to entry are lower.

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