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Rarible integrated Tezos and added Ubisoft NFT support


The Rarible platform has integrated the Tezos blockchain and added support for secondary sales of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) from the developer and publisher of video games Ubisoft.

As part of the partnership, NFTs issued on Tezos will appear on the platform. In addition, users will be able to buy and sell NFT projects included in the blockchain ecosystem. The marketplace also works in the Ethereum and Flow networks.

Earlier, Ubisoft announced the launch of a beta version of the Quartz platform, designed for trading in-game items in the NFT format. To do this, the company has entered into an agreement with Tezos. Its NFTs are called Digits. They are now available for resale on Rarible.

Blockchain gaming is the next big thing

“It’s quite clear that blockchain gaming is the next big thing, so [the Ubisoft news] is completely expected. And we will see more of that in the race of who will be there first”. Alexander Salnikov, co-founder and head of product of Rarible, told CoinDesk.

The parties also released the NFT-collection Blazing Futures, which presents the works of digital artists made on the basis of Tezos.

Thus, the collection includes artists Kelly Richardson, Alex Crouwers, The Bad Lament, Portrait XO, Memo Akten, Joanie Lemercier, and Des Lucréce. As well as CGI from John Karel and hazy and surreal art from Jenni Pasanen. Starting today, the collection is available exclusively on Rarible.

Introducing zero-cost NFT minting feature

In November, Rarible launched a messenger for communication using Ethereum wallets. The platform has granted access to testing the messenger to a limited number of users. Later, the marketplace will launch the feature for everyone.

Recall that in October, Rarible introduced a zero-cost NFT minting feature. Users are producing NFTs at no cost as a result of this. All while improving the platform’s environmental sustainability.

Rather than the usual technique of storing data on the blockchain immediately after minting; Rarible said that NFTs are â€śminted not at the moment of creation, but at the moment of purchase” under its new scheme. When acquiring an item, the customer is responsible for paying the gas expenses”. Data will use IPFS, a decentralized peer-to-peer storage system.

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