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PundiX (NPXS) grew by 130% in two days


PundiX (NPXS) grew by 130% in just two days, amid news of token reduction. When the supply of a token decreases, it usually raises the price, what happened in this case. The overall positive sentiment in the altcoin market also contributed to this. With this growth, NPXS has outpaced most major cryptocurrencies. Market sentiment around PundiX was broadly positive following the launch of its testnet in February.

PundiX is a very promising project at the moment. To begin with, the project has plans to implement its own payment wallet ecosystems – XPOS, XPASS and XWallet – which will reduce the burden on payment companies, retailers and governments. The community has plans to modernize the payment infrastructure and stabilize the payment ecosystem in a hyperinflationary environment.

What is PundiX (NPXS)?

PundiX (NPXS) is a project created to make it easier to use cryptocurrency like a credit card. Can you imagine how easy it will be for investors and regular users? If you look at the overall picture, this approach can give underdeveloped countries and regions much-needed basic banking services.

It is far from an easy task for beginners to make a payment in cryptocurrency. But PundiX can change that by distributing thousands of PoS devices among retailers to be able to make payments in the form of NPXS.

According to market experts and industry players, if PundiX can distribute devices at POS for free with lower transaction fees than mobile payment and card providers, it could change the overall picture of how people make transactions.

Today NPXS has become the largest platform with decentralized governance protocols for selling cryptocurrencies offline. It offers solutions for selling digital currencies online and offline.

NPXS price: what does it depend on?

The NPXS price will depend on many factors. In this scenario, retail stores have over 5,000 terminals that accept payments using QR codes. Company insiders say more than 100,000 units will be installed by the end of the second quarter. PundiX partners with Traki, the largest retail chain in Venezuela.

It is said that PundiX will not enter the US market in the near future, as it targets the Asian market, including some South American countries. Thus, NPXS price will largely depend on how these markets will accept the technology.

However, the token already widely distributed on well-known cryptocurrency exchanges such as Bithumb, Huobi, and Binance. These exchanges provide valuable liquidity for the token.

However, since NPXS is a utility token, it stagnates. This means that the token has value only on its own platform. This is the most important factor that can affect the price of NPXS. On the other hand, since the developers focus exclusively on markets such as the UAE, Indonesia and Singapore rather than operating globally, this could also affect the price of PundiX.

NPXS price forecast

According to analysts, NPXS could go through a lot of scenarios in the coming months. They came to the general conclusion that PundiX could remain stable at its current price until the end of 2021. However, they showed their optimistic side by predicting that the token could go much higher than expected.

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