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Progressive group adopts Bitcoin as ING and PayPal block donations


In response to being de-banked by major payment and banking institutions, Progressive International, a global organisation that supports progressive left-wing activists and organisers, is moving into cryptocurrencies.

In fact, to combat attempts to keep cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) out of the global financial system. The group took to Twitter on Monday to announce that it now accepts donations in cryptocurrencies. Such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH).

Progressive International said that donations to the organisation, as well as their solidarity campaign with Cuba to help people receive vaccination against COVID-19, stopped by the Dutch ING Bank and the payment giant PayPal. ING and PayPal were “operating in support of the US embargo,” according to the spokesperson.

The immunisation campaign, which announced last month, intended to highlight Cuba’s progress in creating COVID-19 vaccines. And to host a panel of specialists to discuss their achievements.

“To fund our activities, Progressive International relies on little donations from the public,” the spokesman explained.

“As a deterrent to attempts to keep us out of the international banking system, we are now accepting cryptocurrency donations. In addition to monetary currency. We are grateful for the cryptocurrency donations we have received.”

First time the group has accepted cryptocurrency donations

According to the spokeswoman, this is the first time the group has accepted cryptocurrency donations. “We plan to continue accepting crypto donations to fund our work, not just in Cuba,” the source stated. Adding that they may expand into other currencies as needed.

According to the spokesman, the organisation will soon update its website to incorporate information about cryptocurrency donations.

Progressive International revealed on Twitter at the press time that the BTC wallet address had received a total of 0.008 BTC ($307). While the ETH wallet address had received 0.715 ETH ($1,979).

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