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Polygon launches blockchain gaming and NFT studio


Ethereum scalability company Polygon has launched a new project called Polygon Studios. Its main goal is the development of blockchain games, as well as the promotion of non-fungible NFT tokens.

The digital studio will become a gateway that combines the concepts of development of Internet technologies Web 2.0 and Web 3.0, and also plans to become a leader in the sector of NFT-platforms and decentralized games. Polygon Studios will build partnerships with major brands, investors, influencers, and content creators looking to grow in their designated areas. The company will also partner with franchises wishing to launch their own games and generate new NFT tokens.

Thus, the company intends to attract more developers, artists and investors to the space. Third-party teams will be supported in blockchain integration by opening access to the development environment, community, assistance in promoting and raising capital.

The Polygon network shows itself to be one of the best side networks to successfully tackle the scaling issue of Ethereum. It attracts traffic from DeFi applications due to its fast and inexpensive operations.

In the blockchain gaming market, the solution has also achieved certain results.

Polygon developers claim that at the moment their base consists of 500 decentralized applications (dApps), as well as over 100 thousand active players. Partnership agreements have been signed with the oldest American game creator Atari, game projects Decentraland, Skyweaver and Aavegotichi, as well as one of the largest NFT token marketplaces OpenSea.

Mark Juicetra, managing partner of the Canadian music label Monstercat, also drew attention to the publication. According to him, he wants to partner with Polygon to “help fill the metaverse with music”.

Polygon platform is gaining popularity

Polygon Studios will consist of 2 separate divisions. Gaming Studio Polygon will help less experienced programmers create blockchain-based games. For this, a $ 100 million fund was established to finance partner studios and promote their projects. The NFT Studio plans to be responsible for the development and support of marketplaces for the exchange of non-fungible tokens, as well as for the release of NFT.

The Polygon blockchain platform has gained popularity due to its high transaction processing speed and low on-chain fees. In the spring of this year, billionaire Mark Cuban invested his own funds in it. Today, over 80 DeFi protocols are successfully running on the Polygon network.

According to The Block, the value of funds blocked in Polygon smart contracts (TLV) exceeds $ 5 billion. For comparison: in Binance Smart Chain, the same indicator reached $ 11.9 billion.

The launch of Polygon Studios also coincided with IGDA’s recent announcement of blockchain use by gaming companies. The organization urged developers not to use crypto solutions that cause significant harm to the environment.

Recall that in June, Polygon announced the launch of a universal data availability tool called Avail. In general, the popularity of the Polygon solution continues to grow. Major DeFi apps like Aave and SushiSwap have added support for the solution. In early June, OKcoin added Polygon support for lower Ethereum fees and direct access to DeFi.

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