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Pointless but incredible. Daymak electric car mines crypto while it’s parked


Tesla rival Canadian electric car manufacturer Daymak has announced the release of a new Spiritus model. On Twitter, the developers said that the three-wheeled car will have an unusual function. It will become the first electric car that can independently mine cryptocurrency while charging and parking. The electric vehicle will mine digital coins “from Dogecoin to Bitcoin“. Its release will begin in 2023, but you can pre-order now. From June 1, Daymak accepts prepayments for Spiritus in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and Cardano. Its cost will depend on the characteristics. The most affordable version is priced at $ 20,000. And the top-end version, capable of accelerating 96 km / h in 1.8 seconds, will cost as much as 7 times more.

The Canadian firm has set itself the goal of reaching 50,000 pre-orders by 23/07/2021. And it has already recorded more than $ 350 million in pre-orders in less than 60 days from the date of opening.

The company doesn’t speak about the model or the performance, but notes that mining will start automatically.

According to the press release, each Spiritus vehicle will be a blockchain node.

Thus, we see the continued rapid development of the cryptoindustry and blockchain technology, which are capturing various spheres of people’s lives. Especially financial technologies and payment instruments. Decentralization, which is at the heart of cryptocurrencies, avoids many of the difficulties when interacting with traditional financial institutions and banks.

It is also worth noting that Daymark cars are environmentally friendly.

Nebula Technology

The company is seeking a patent for its own Daymak Nebula technology, with which an electric vehicle will mine cryptocurrency and store it on a hardware wallet. In the future, the accumulated digital coins can be used to pay for parking or tolls. The software installed in Spiritus will also allow bank transfers.

Thus, the Daymak Nebula Platform consists of Nebula Miner, which mines BTC and DOGE while the car parked, and Nebula Wallet, a “one-stop solution” for cryptocurrency payments. The Bitcoin Documenting Twitter account noted that it is “pointless, but incredible”.

In addition, Daymak is confident that, unlike other vehicles, Spiritus will not be a depreciating asset.

Daymak is a Canadian manufacturer of electric vehicles ranging from bicycles to personal electric vehicles. The company was established in Toronto in 2001. In the world market, the manufacturer has not yet received recognition and great popularity, but at home it is already quite famous.

Daymak will create more crypto opportunities for users

Daymak committed to meeting customer needs and looking for ways to facilitate the overall well-being of users through cryptography. Part of Daymak’s vision includes enabling its customers to make payments for their day to day activities. These include, in particular, tolls and parking fees.

Daymak President noted: the firm is also considering making other online payments with cryptocurrencies by its users in the near future.

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