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On Kickstarter, a Bitcoin book for American officials has seen a fivefold increase in funding


To decrease their dependence on the standard media paradigm on cryptocurrencies, a group of eight Bitcoin (BTC) supporters initiated a Kickstarter effort to print an instructive book for America’s federal lawmakers. The campaign received $23,151 in funding, nearly five times its $5,000 objective.

Jimmy Song, a crypto entrepreneur and seasoned author from Texas, started the Kickstarter. Annaliese Wiederspahn, Gary Leland, Pete Rizzo, Amanda Cavaleri, CJ Wilson, Charlene Fadirepo, and Lamar Wilson are among the other authors.
The material for the Bitcoin book has been written and will be completed by the end of 2021, as planned. The authors want to make the audiobook and paperback ready for purchase by January, with a “book launch event in Washington DC to promote this book” to follow.
 The authors hope that this book would diminish policymakers’ reliance on the conventional media’s narrative on Crypto.

 The campaign received $23,151 in contributions, Almost five times its $5,000 objective.

“We want to remove the myth that it’s nerd money”

The book written shortly after the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure plan passed in the United States House of Representatives. Which imposes strict disclosure rules on the crypto community. “We set out to write a book to help policymakers understand where Bitcoin users come from. And what they care about”, the authors wrote. We want to remove the myth that it’s nerd money by demonstrating how it affects so many individuals in the United States.”

Additionally, the authors of the Bitcoin book have already set aside $5,000 for the book’s creation; the remaining funds will be invested in the book’s launch party:
“As authors of this book, we saw that Washington’s perceptions were far from reality. And set out to change that view”.

Jerome Powell seemed unconcerned about crypto threatening the country’s financial stability

Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell, who backed the Bitcoin book’s aim to explain the ecosystem for regulators, indicated a lack of concern about crypto undermining the country’s financial stability.
In conclusion, Stablecoins have the ability to scale, according to Powell. “Especially if they come with one of the very huge tech networks that exist”.

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