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Nvidia hackers selling software unlock for graphics card crypto mining limiters


Last month, a hacking group entered Nvidia computers and attempted to offer software that would allow crypto miners to bypass hash rate limits on the company’s flagship graphics cards.

In late February, LAPSUS$, a South American hacker organisation, claimed to have stolen a terabyte of data from Nvidia servers. The company is now selling software in the form of a customised driver that will allow users to bypass the company’s high-end graphics card limiters.

According to sources from March 2, Nvidia learned of the event on February 23 and stated:

“We are aware that the threat actor obtained employee credentials as well as some Nvidia confidential material from our systems and began publishing it online.”

A Telegram channel has been used by the cybercriminal organisation to try to extort money from the California-based corporation. The gang is proposing to overcome Nvidia’s RTX 3000 series graphics card constraints to enable faster hash rates for Ethereum mining, in addition to releasing sensitive personal data that it stole.

PCMag published photos from the group’s channel on March 1, stating that “this leak involves source code and extremely confidential/secret material from various portions of the Nvidia GPU driver, Falcon, LHR, and similar.”

Extorting money from Nvidia

LHR stands for “Lite Hash Rate,” a limiting that the business implemented in 2021 to de-tune their GPUs. In order to prevent crypto miners from snatching up all of them. Leaving some for the company’s primary market of PC gamers.

The hacker organisation is also seeking to extort money from Nvidia. By demanding that the limitation be removed from all RTX 3000 series cards and that drivers be made open-source. The corporation has a time window until March 4 to make a decision.

For the previous two years, graphics card prices and availability have been a stumbling block for gamers. Fueling their rage towards crypto miners and the industry as a whole.

When high-end GPUs are in stock, they can cost upwards of $1,800, and lower-spec ones are hard to come by. Resulting in the formation of a used-card market. Where prices for older graphics cards often exceed what they cost when new in certain places.

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