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NFTs to help brewers and farmers preserve UNESCO Belgian beer heritage


Belgian Barrels Alliance (BBA) brewers and farmers have teamed up with Zeromint to produce nonfungible tokens (NFTs) aimed at conserving Belgian beer culture and legacy, which is recognised by UNESCO.

Zeromint will mint and sell exclusive NFTs on the GoChain blockchain as part of the agreement. Which will be made available to international beer aficionados through BBA. For the following 14 days, the organisation will run multiple BBA NFT collection projects. Centred on sustainability and Belgian beer heritage.

The inaugural Belgian Barrels NFT auction, according to the official release, will be in use to find 11 people to star in a BBA-produced film called Belgian Barrels:

“The goal of the film project is to further immortalise Belgian beer history. Through a professional cinematic film production, which BBA wants to promote and distribute globallyā€¯

In addition, the NFT winners will be part of a whitelist that will grant them VIP access to all BBA events. As well as access to vintage beer menus and limited-edition bottles at BBA clubs. The announcement claimed that “(80%) of the proceeds from the NFT auction will benefit a local Belgian charity”. The Belgian Barrels Alliance’s co-founder, Tom De Block, said:

“Belgian beer isn’t simply beer, It’s a whole lot more. It’s a long and complicated storey of long-dead families and real-life heroes who became legends. It’s a true honour to be able to open a few of their bottles and share their tale.”

Increasing engagement and reward possibilities for beer aficionados and enthusiasts

In addition, the Alliance intends to create NFTs projects to support tree plantations. And learn specific artisan skills and traditions, as well as increase engagement and reward possibilities for beer aficionados and enthusiasts.

Vodafone, the world’s largest telecommunications company, has revealed plans to construct an NFT. For the world’s first Short Message Service (SMS). And sell the proceeds to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (the UN Refugee Agency).

The “Merry Christmas” SMS sent to Richard Jarvis, a Vodafone employee at the time, 29 years ago on December 3, 1992, via the Vodafone network.

The historic 15-character SMS will be up for auction by the Aguttes Auction House in France in a one-time sale, as previously reported.

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