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More than half of Australians think Elon Musk invented Bitcoin: Survey


More than half of the Australians surveyed think Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk invented Bitcoin (BTC). This is the conclusion reached by the Finder site, which conducted a survey among its users. During his life, Elon Musk managed a lot, becoming one of the most recognizable businessmen in the world. In this regard, it is not surprising that a lot of rumors and fake news revolve around him.

The study involved 1,004 respondents, 56% of them named Musk the creator of BTC. These people have never heard of the legendary Satoshi Nakamoto, who is the developer of the first digital currency.

Earlier, Sahil Gupta, a former trainee at SpaceX, also expressed his opinion that Elon Musk is the very Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious creator of Bitcoin. If this is so, then the likelihood of becoming the most significant figure of the 21st century for Musk is very high.

44% of the respondents didn’t know that the emission of Bitcoin limited. These internet users believe that miners can mine coins indefinitely. Such survey participants do not see any difference between Bitcoin and fiat money at all.

25% of respondents said they have either already bought cryptocurrency or plan to do so by the end of 2021. However, 20% of Australians admitted that they didn’t know how to acquire BTC.

Interest in cryptocurrencies is high even under the pressure of Elon Musk

Although Australian residents cannot boast of knowledge of the fundamentals of the cryptocurrency industry, judging by the survey, interest in cryptocurrencies among respondents is quite high, as in other countries.

According to co-founder and CEO of Finder Fred Schebesta, by the end of 2021, Bitcoin may rise in price to $ 250,000. Although Bitcoin is now hitting anti-records, this is due to certain actions of states or individuals. So, for example, the last major drop in BTC is due to Tesla’s refusal to accept the coin as payment, and the subsequent hints of Elon Musk to get rid of the company from all existing assets. Over the past seven days, the coin rate has lost a significant -44.5%.

The drop we are seeing now will be short-term. Elon Musk and the Chinese authorities have put pressure on the cryptocurrency, but BTC will quickly recover from losses and will soon resume expansion, Schebesta said.

Other polls

About 40% of participants in a recent survey of payment giant Mastercard said they plan to use cryptocurrency next year. Millennials have expressed the greatest interest in cryptoassets. In April, it became known that 9% of teens in the United States were trading cryptocurrencies. According to a March survey by Visa, 25% of Latinos want to pay with cryptocurrencies.

Finder launching Bitcoin trading application

A new Finder survey is being conducted as the company is launching a Bitcoin trading service through its app.

Finder will launch its own digital coin trading platform as a mobile app. In this regard, the CEO and co-founder of the company Fred Schebesta said that the development and release of the platform aimed at simplifying the work with cryptocurrencies. Users who want to invest in an asset will be able to register and make an investment. Everything is as simple as possible.

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