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Miami stakes the claim to become the world’s Bitcoin and crypto capital


More and more cities are claiming the title of the cryptocurrency capital of the world, one of which is Miami. The city has become a hub for several innovative technologies, including blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Since Miami Mayor Francis Suarez is a supporter of Bitcoin and is also trying to make Miami the world capital of Bitcoin, naturally he asked for the largest Bitcoin conference in history to held in his city. Mayor Suarez himself became the first speaker on the first day of the conference.

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez is trying with all his might to create in the city the most favorable conditions for the use of cryptocurrencies. As well as the development of startups.

Previously, Suarez called Bitcoin one of the most stable investments at the moment. The Mayor of Miami announced that his main mission is to make the city the most competitive city on the planet in terms of cryptocurrencies.

In March, the mayor said he would like Miami to become a hub for Bitcoin mining. As it would tap the city’s nuclear power. Green solar mining is possible in Miami, Suarez said – and Florida has plenty of it.

Miami can become a hub for technological innovation?

Note that the city has already completely switched to cryptocurrency: Bitcoin ATMs scattered throughout the city. The city also supports the idea of ​​using Bitcoin to increase the city’s budget. Suarez spoke about the city’s successes on his official Twitter account. In the video, he explained that the adopted resolution allows civil servants to receive all or part of their salaries in the most popular cryptocurrency, and allows residents to pay taxes and fees in Bitcoin. Although there is still a lot of hard work ahead.

Miami has many advantages over other emerging crypto hubs. Miami has always been known as a financial and banking center. Consequently, many wealthy people interested in financing innovation. In addition, the state of Florida also has no income tax. That is why it makes sense to make this city a center of technological innovation by developing the crypto industry. In this area, Miami lags behind New York, but it can be quickly caught up if the necessary efforts are made.

The city has serious legal work ahead of it. Countries with low taxes and favorable conditions for business development are developing various strategies for attracting cryptocurrency companies and entrepreneurs by adopting new laws or changing existing ones. So Miami also has serious work aimed at developing measures to regulate cryptocurrency.

Many experts believe that the city has all the prospects to become the center of blockchains.

The crypto community is thrilled

The crypto community welcomed the initiative of the Mayor of Suarez with enthusiasm. And in principle, cryptocurrency enthusiasts are happy to receive news that many countries are beginning to understand the amazing opportunities that cryptocurrencies offer to their economies.

American investor, co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital Assets and Bitcoin maximalist Anthony Pompliano, moved to Miami after Francis Suarez announced his intention to transfer 1% of the city’s budget to Bitcoin.

More and more highly skilled professionals from the epicenter of the tech world are moving to Miami. At least since Mayor Francis Suarez announced that Miami wants to become a tech hub.

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