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Mexican billionaire says ‘buy Bitcoin’ in New Year message


On Christmas Eve, Mexico’s third-richest individual issued a heartfelt greeting to Bitcoin (BTC) supporters. In a two-minute holiday video, Ricardo Salinas Pliego suggested ditching fiat currency and investing in Bitcoin.

As part of his Christmas and New Year message on Twitter, he offers three pieces of advice to his 957,200 followers before encouraging them to repost and share:

“Avoid fiat currency at all costs.” It doesn’t matter if it’s a dollar, a euro, or a yen. It’s phoney cash made out of lies on paper. More than ever before, central banks are manufacturing.”

The other two “presents” of advice Salinas left his followers in front of a golden Christmas tree were to let go of jealousy and to believe in oneself, especially when pursuing freedom and creativity.

It’s no surprise that Salinas advocates for BTC investment. Since 2013, he became a notable Bitcoin evangelist, and his Twitter bio merely states that he’s a “Mexican businessman and Bitcoin holder.”

Salinas wants to make Banco Azteca, Mexico’s second-largest retail bank, the country’s first BTC lender. In June of this year, however, Salinas, the chairman of the bank’s parent firm, Grupo Salinas, expressed disappointment.

Mexico’s central bank responded by declaring that cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are not legal cash and cannot be usable in the country’s financial system. The governor of the Bank of Mexico, Alejandro Daz de León, dismissed Bitcoin as a reliable legal tender in September, citing price volatility as a major impediment to broad acceptance.

It’s doubtful that Salinas will be deterred. He’s been orange-pilling Mexico’s 128 million people since the summer. And he revealed his belief in BTC as a non-confiscatable asset in an interview in January of this year.

He also stated in the interview that he originally purchased BTC from Grayscale for $500 in 2013. And that it was one of his “greatest investments ever” by 2018. He’s also a supporter of Bitcoin remittances. Which could represent a $40 billion business for Mexicans transporting money across the border.

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