Home News Men check Bitcoin price more frequently than women, new study reveals

Men check Bitcoin price more frequently than women, new study reveals


When it comes to crypto investment, gender has a direct link to both psychological and demographic characteristics, according to recent academic research.

According to a new study, 60% of women have very low or no awareness of crypto assets. A significant factor affecting investments, whereas two-thirds of males have a medium or high degree of comprehension of crypto.

The study discovered that having greater general knowledge leads to taking more chances, as males monitor their investments more frequently than women and do not shy away from taking more risks. Lower-income and a lack of awareness about cryptocurrency are two major factors driving women’s desire to experiment with various investment instruments.

Gender is a factor that affects individual financial investment decisions, according to a study published in the Journal of Business, Economics, and Finance on December 24. Researchers ala Gülenkardeş and Ozan Akadur shared results from a computer-aided survey done in Turkey. In order to uncover gender-related behavioural and psychological variations in cryptography.

enkardeş has worked as an interdisciplinary academic researcher specialising in technology and gender issues. She has examined the exclusion of women from the crypto business with personal observations and data acquired for the research, having been an active member in the crypto ecosystem for over five years. She said the following about the study:

“Both demographic and psychological issues reflect the crypto industry’s male-dominated culture. Financial investing decisions influenced by this.”

enkardeş also expressed her personal findings that women have a lesser degree of crypto understanding. Which, among other things, leads to a fall in investment ratio.

But there is reason to be optimistic. There are activist platforms throughout the world, according to enkardeş. With the purpose of increasing women’s engagement in the crypto business as traders and developers. She stated:

“I believe that as more people become aware of the importance of a gender-free digital world, the divide between female and male crypto investors will close.”

Women are still less than half as likely as men to invest in crypto

To attain an even playing field, as Keira Wright pointed out, present figures must go through serious improvement. According to a CNBC poll, women are still less than half as likely as men to invest in cryptocurrencies. With 16% of males and 7% of women doing so.

However, Wright concluded that the crypto business has the potential to empower women. And provide them with more financial sovereignty. Noting that conventional barriers between women and financial freedom are already beginning to dissolve as mainstream usage takes off.

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