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MediaMarkt: hackers demand for $50M Bitcoin payment


German multinational chain of stores selling consumer electronics MediaMarkt has suffered from the attack of the Hive ransomware virus. Thus, hackers demand $50 million in Bitcoin (BTC), according to RetailDetail.

Initially, the demand amount was $240 million. But automatically fell when the company entered negotiations, according to BleepingComputer. As a result of the attack, servers and workstations were encrypted. This led to the shutdown of IT systems to prevent its spread.

Moreover, the incident affected many stores of the chain, mostly in the Netherlands and Germany. MediaMarkt owns more than 1,000 retail properties in 13 countries. The company employs about 53,000 people, with an annual turnover exceeding €20 billion. According to the publication, hackers affected 3,100 servers of the retailer.

Hive ransomware virus

Hive not only encrypts data, but also usually steals it. Hackers post files on their HiveLeaks leak site if they don’t get a ransom. It is unknown whether the information was stolen from MediaMarkt.

“MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group and its national divisions have become the target of a cyberattack. The company immediately informed the relevant authorities and is working hard to identify the affected systems and eliminate any damage caused as soon as possible”. The company responded to the publication’s request.

MediaMarkt stores are currently open in Belgium and the Netherlands, although they can sell only physical articles from the stores.

Extortionate software

Earlier in May, extortionate software in the United States attacked the world’s largest meat processing company JBS. Due to the attack that occurred on May 30, hackers affected JBS computer systems in North America and Australia. The company has suspended the operation of a number of plants.

JBS paid hackers a ransom of $11 million in Bitcoin. According to Bloomberg, citing informed sources, REvil hackers were behind the hacking.

A ransomware virus also attacked Colonial Pipeline company. Stealing about 100 GB of data and blocked computer systems. The company transferred 75 BTC (about $5 million at that time) to the attackers. Federal Bureau of Investigation returned most of the ransom paid by the company – 63.7 BTC. According to Bloomberg, hackers from the DarkSide group were behind the attack organizing.

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