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McDonald’s China to give away 188 NFTs on 31st anniversary


McDonald’s China will distribute the “Big Mac Rubik’s Cube” NFTs as part of a promotion to Chinese staff and customers.

In fact, McDonald’s China celebrated its 31st anniversary in the Chinese market on Oct. 8 by issuing a batch of 188 nonfungible tokens (NFT). Moreover, staff and customers will receive the NFTs, dubbed “Big Mac Rubik’s Cube”, as part of the gift.

The Big Mac Rubik’s Cube NFTs are inspired by the three-dimensional structure of McDonald’s China’s new office headquarters, which opened simultaneously with the NFTs.

The NFTs produced in collaboration with Cocafe, a digital asset development firm, and based on the Confluux public blockchain. In order to ensure that “each work is unique, indivisible, and no one can tamper with it”.

It’s also worth noting that the People’s Republic of China’s CITIC Group has a majority share in McDonald’s China.

McDonald’s China’s NFTs vs the governmental ban of cryptos

McDonald’s China’s decision to enter the market with NFTs appears to run counter to the government’s stated goal of outlawing all crypto transactions. Bitmain, a cryptocurrency mining equipment company, recently halted delivering Antminer mining rigs to China due to the restriction.

Following the China ban, Huobi, a Chinese cryptocurrency exchange, halted new client registrations. And announced that it will cease operations by the end of the year. Despite China’s opposition, the global cryptocurrency ecosystem continues to expand. According to a study, after Chinese miners moved to safer countries, Bitcoin (BTC) mining difficulty has entirely recovered.

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