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Marvel and DC have banned artists from selling superhero NFTs


Publisher Marvel Comics and DC Comics have banned comic book authors from selling their works in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFT). Bloomberg reported this.

According to the publication, both companies plan to use their collections of characters and comics in the NFT market. In June, Marvel announced a collaboration with the VeVe platform.

Fans can buy and collect a variety of Marvel NFTs via the “VeVe Digital Collectibles” app. Moreover, they can also trade and hunt for rare and secret rare NFT comic books and collectibles. And display their collection via fully customizable virtual showrooms.

President of Marvel Entertainment, Dan Buckley said “Since the beginning, collecting has always gone hand in hand with being a Marvel fan”.

Delbo’s Wonder Woman

In March, former DC comics author Jose Delbo, together with Hackatao crypto artists, earned $1.85 million on the sale of NFT with the superhero Wonder Woman.

The 87-year-old Argentine artist illustrated a series of comics about Wonder Woman in 1976-1981. He also worked on publications about Batman and Transformers.

The artists donated all the profits from the sales of NFT to the organization Girls Who Code. This organization is fighting the gender gap in the technology industry.

The sale of intellectual property

Later, Jay Kogan, senior vice president of legal affairs at DC Comics, sent letters to the publishing house’s artists demanding that they refuse to sell NFTs.

“DC is exploring opportunities to enter the market for the distribution and sale of original DC digital art with NFTs. Including new art, created specifically for the NFT market. As well as original digital art rendered for DC’s comic book publications”. Kogan stated this in his letter.

DC Comics is unhappy with the sale of its intellectual property. The company is allegedly interested in the segment of NFT itself.

Recall that in April, comic book author Neil Adams, known for his work on creating modern images of DC characters, released his own NFT series. Nine NFTs are images of Batman & Robin, pages from the graphic novel “Blood” and the cover for Megalith #4: Rise of Magic. Five illustrations are animated.

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