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Mars4 Explodes on MISO Launchpad


Mars4 Explodes on MISO Launchpad. Significantly, the world’s first revenue-generating NFT – Mars4 – where you’ll be able to explore a virtual Mars Metaverse, customize your land properties with MARS4 dollars and even make money with it! With NFT Mars Land, Gamification, and Token Redistribution, Mars4 has an attractive tokenomics model.

Indeed, Mars4 is a one-of-a-kind metaverse. The Mars4 project’s development team used NASA’s Mars data to create a comprehensive 3D representation of the planet’s surface. Consider it Mars’ version of the Google Earth 3D map from 2001.

Owners of the Mars4 NFT may take a simulated trip to Mars and use gamification elements to earn lucrative returns while doing so. The Mars4 Foundation, which invests in space exploration, aerospace, and suborbital aerospace firms, is behind Mars4.

How does it work?

Mars4 uses token yield farming and gamification features to offer an appealing decentralised finance investment alternative. Mars4 also provides a virtual platform for space exploration enthusiasts to explore the red planet.

Furthermore, there are a variety of adventures and enjoyable activities within its metaverse that will keep its users interested as they earn passive revenue from its NFTs. There are three main components to the Mars 4 project.

  • Its dynamic 3D environment of Mars landscape is split by plots. These plots are digitally represented in each Mars4 NFT.
  • User incentives, transactions, trading, gambling, and NFT minting are all supported by this utility and governance token system.
  • For NFT holders, there is a liquidity mining function in Mars4.

Mars4 virtual world

Mars4’s gamification feature is its 3D virtual environment. You may use it to explore Mars and purchase land in the form of NFTs. Moreover, the project’s liquidity mining function will provide a yield to these NFTs. Mars4 includes 99,888 one-of-a-kind and unusual Real Estate NFTs that represent the rovers’ landing locations and the planet’s most well-known geographical characteristics.

Additionally, Each property lot is 559 square miles in size. Terraform your land after purchase to boost its value. You may use the in-game assets option to buy more valuable avatars, certificates, and logos.

Mars4 utility and governance system

At the public sale, MARS4 tokens may be used to purchase Mars4 land parcels. The 99,888 NFTs on the network are made up of 4 billion MARS4 tokens.

In addition, MARS4 tokens will be crucial to the metaverse’s transactional operations. The Mars4 NFT holders will receive yield every time users make a transaction. Owners of NFTs will receive rewards for retaining their units according to the project’s regulations.

Epochs are usable to disperse passive revenue for Mars landlords prior to the introduction of Metaverse. After 10,000 new NFTs are sold, a new Epoch begins. Starting with Epoch 1. 51% of the money from Land NFTs is transferred to prior NFT owners.

NFT holders’ incentives will increase with each epoch, and much more so as the metaverse’s transactions expand. Mars4 NFTs, which are accessible on Rarible and OpenSea, are thus a great long-term investment opportunity.

Mars4 explodes on MISO Launchpad

Since September 15, MARS4 coins have been available on Sushiswap’s MISO launchpad. The minimum fundraising achieved in the first 45 minutes of both private and public MARS4 token sales.

Participants contribute to the pool in the batch auction method. A certain number of tokens are distributable to all Market event contributors, weighted by their contribution to the pool.

There will be two auctions with a total of 40 million MARS4 tokens. From September 15, both the private auction for Mars Landowners and the public sale for everyone will finish after seven days. After the end of the auctions, tokens will be available within 10 days.

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