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Kleiman v. Wright trial has begun


A trial has begun in Miami in the case of the self-proclaimed creator of Bitcoin (BTC), Craig Wright, and the family of his ex-partner Dave Kleiman. CoinDesk writes about this.

Ira Kleiman, the brother of deceased computer criminologist and mathematician Dave Kleiman, sued Craig Wright in February 2018. The plaintiff accused the latter of embezzling 1.1 million BTC, allegedly belonging to Kleiman. On November 1, a panel of 10 jurors was formed. Within three weeks they must hear the explanations of the parties and make a decision.

Thus, in the opening statement, the plaintiff’s representative Kyle Rosche pointed out contradictions in Wright’s statements, according to the publication. The lawyer showed emails in which the defendant repeatedly referred to Dave Kleiman as his “partner” and “business partner” until the latter’s death in 2013.

Understanding the word “partner” differently

According to Rosche, in 2018, Wright began denying that he had ever had a partner other than his wife Ramona Watts. “He [Kleiman] was never my partner. I hate the whole concept of partnership”. The publication quotes a recording of Wright’s testimony from April 4, 2019.

Wright’s defense, in turn, is based on two aspects: a diagnosed autism spectrum disorder and the absence of a written agreement with Kleiman. The defendant’s attorney, Amanda McGovern, said that because of autism, her client and Kleiman understood the word “partner” differently.

However, Rosche drew attention to the fact that Wright was diagnosed after 2018 “by phone and without a personal meeting”. Dr. Ami Klin made a conclusion, a witness for the defense.

Unanswered mystery surrounding Satoshi Nakamoto’s identity

The coins may not be recoverable due to the unanswered mystery surrounding Satoshi Nakamoto’s identity. Moreover, Wright’s apparent inability to extract the coins from his wallet. It’s unclear how Ira Kleiman will get his hands on half of the stash if Wright isn’t Satoshi. Or if he is and has somehow lost access to the wallet.

Furthermore, some in the cryptocurrency industry doubt that the 1.1 million BTC of this case exist. Kim Nilsson, a Tokyo-based software developer and self-described “Bitcoin archaeologist”; identified wallet addresses allegedly held by Wright in a blog post from 2018, correlating several of them to the 2014 Mt Gox hack.

Recall that previously in September a statue of Satoshi Nakamoto was unveiled in Budapest. The bronze statue is a bust of a man in a hoodie with BTC logo; and has a mirror surface of the face, where people can see their own image. In addition, the authors stated that this symbolizes the popular idea among Bitcoin supporters that “we are all Satoshi”.

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