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Justin Kan to launch gaming NFT marketplace on Solana


Justin Kan, the co-founder of Twitch video streaming service, announced the launch of the Fractal marketplace for gaming non-fungible tokens (NFTs). He is implementing the project together with a group of industry entrepreneurs.

Thus, the co-founders of the marketplace included Robin Chan, founder of the gaming company XPD Media (sold it to Zynga); David Wurtz, co-founder of Google Drive, and Mike Angell, who previously worked at Fast and Shopify.

Furthermore, the platform will be launched based on the Solana blockchain.

Fractal will act as the primary and secondary markets

Fractal will act as the primary and secondary markets. Gaming companies will be able to sell new digital collectibles to users on the website. And the latter will be able to trade assets among themselves.

Recently, Kan has been an active investor in Web 3 gaming, leading an $8 million funding round in November for the Solana-based mafia game “Syn City”. The project team also expects to develop new ways to use NFT in games.

In a comment for Protocol, Kan added that they plan to become not only a marketplace. But also a company dealing with blockchain infrastructure. According to him, the team wants to make more accessible lending and scholarship models. Which games like Axie Infinity promoted.

Axie Infinity virtual land slot sold out for a record 550 ETH

Recall that earlier, a piece of virtual land in Axie Infinity was sold for 550 ETH (about $ 2.46 million at that time).  In addition, representatives of the project stressed that this is the largest such acquisition in the history of the sector. User ArcaChemist acted as the seller.

The slot is a type of land called Genesis, which Axie Infinity classifies as “extremely rare”. It is located in the center of the game map.

There are various types of lands in Axie Infinity, including Mystic and Arctic. The latter are collectively called Lunacia. Moreover, this territory is the birthplace of axie creatures, each of which is an NFT token.

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