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Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency is seeking to hire a crypto expert


Israel’s national intelligence agency «Mossad» recently posted a list of current vacancies on its official website. In the list of specialists that the department needs was also a “cryptocurrency expert” with at least 3 years of experience in the field of financial technologies. This is the first time in history that «Mossad» has publicly announced its search for a digital asset expert. Most likely, the need for such a specialist caused by the need to conduct anonymous operations in cryptocurrency or purchase equipment. The «Mossad» is responsible for intelligence gathering, covert operations, and counter-terrorism in Israel, so the move to crypto makes sense. In addition, the need to counter terrorist threats forced the department to look for a suitable specialist.

Combating terrorism and anonymous transactions

Israeli authorities have taken note of the increased use of anonymous cryptocurrency payments for terrorist financing. We will remind, in July, Israel intelligence officers reported the confiscation of 84 cryptocurrency wallets; in which digital assets were stored in the amount of $ 7.7 million. Most of them are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dodgecoin and Tether. These crypto wallets belonged to Palestinian residents associated with the Hamas group. This organization aims to destroy Israel; and it recognized as terrorist in this country, the European Union, the United States and a number of states.

However, similar trends observed in other countries. The use of cryptocurrency for anonymous payments is exactly what most countries are trying to suppress. There is a particularly harsh rhetoric against anonymous digital asset transactions in the United States.

In early July, the Financial Crimes Agency (FinCEN); which is part of the US Treasury and tracks transactions to combat the financing of terrorism and money laundering, appointed a cryptocurrency advisor for the first time. This post was taken by Michelle Korver, who was previously a cryptocurrency advisor at the US Department of Justice.

Potential «Mossad» employees

Based on the list of skills that a potential «Mossad» employee will have to possess; it turns out that the department is looking for a wide-profile specialist. Applicants with an impeccable and very deep technological understanding of e-commerce, digital assets and DEF will admitted to the competition.

As for the name and description of the position that will directly occupied by the candidate who won the competition, it written about it rather vaguely, without specifics. The agency’s website says that their future cryptocurrency specialist will “lead, plan and accompany the system development process”. It is noted that no information was provided on what kind of systems we are talking about.

Other intelligence positions include a business consultant for “complex and dynamic” jobs, an expert for mechanical design for work, and a cyber researcher in photographic technology.

In addition, «Mossad» is also looking for a traditional finance specialist – an employee with a degree in law or economics with five years of experience in international trade and proficiency in English.

We will remind, earlier Israel announced testing of its own token.

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