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Investors estimated TradingView at $3B


The financial analytical platform TradingView raised $298 million at an estimate of $3 billion. Investment company Tiger Global Management, according to Bloomberg, led the funding round.

The TradingView platform allows you to follow stock charts and news, as well as discuss market information.

As a result of the funding, the platform’s user base, which is largely retail investors, has grown significantly during the pandemic. Over the past 18 months, its audience has grown by 237%, to 29 million per month.

The London-based company did not disclose revenue

Comparable growth of the user base during this period was registered by online brokers like Robinhood. The latter, in the second quarter of 2021; reported an increase in the number of active customers by 109%, to 21.3 million.

The London-based company did not disclose revenue and other financial indicators but noted that it is profitable.

TradingView will use the money received from investors to expand the business and develop the brand. In particular, the company plans to attract large online brokers to cooperate by integrating its service with its platforms.

Everyone wants to be in charge of their own economic future

According to CrunchBase, Stanislav Bokov, Denis Globa and Constantine Ivanov founded TradingView in 2011. Over 10 years, the company has attracted more than $338 million from investors. In May 2018, the platform closed a $37 million Series B funding round.

“We developed this company based on the idea that everyone wants to be in charge of their own economic future,” CEO Denis Globa said. He went on to say, “We are working on this by creating an atmosphere. In which all traders and investors can first look and then enter.”

TradingView’s global standing among retail investors, according to Tiger Global Management partner Alex Cook, positions the company “to be the default social network and financial analysis platform used by all traders and investors.”

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