Home News ‘I have nothing’: Imprisoned John McAfee claims his crypto fortune is gone

‘I have nothing’: Imprisoned John McAfee claims his crypto fortune is gone


Outrageous American entrepreneur, founder of antivirus software company John McAfee is awaiting extradition to the United States in a prison in Spain. According to him, he lost all his fortune in cryptocurrencies. Although McAfee agrees with the idea that, probably, many people today are unlikely to believe him.

He noted that his crypto-state “dissolved in a large number of hands of the McAfee team”. And everything that could remain is allegedly under arrest. At the same time, even realizing that he “has nothing”, McAfee admits that he doesn’t regret anything now.

McAfee faces 100 years in prison?

John McAfee is an ambiguous personality, to put it mildly. His presence in the crypto community cannot go unnoticed. And therefore it is not so surprising that he even managed to earn the rights to a documentary picture about his life. And he left his indelible mark on the crypto market.

McAfee was arrested in October 2020 at Barcelona airport. While trying to fly to Istanbul after the United States put him on the international wanted list. In America, he faces a trial on charges of tax evasion, money laundering and market manipulation.

Earlier it was reported that the US SEC accused McAfee of two cryptocurrency fraudulent transactions, as a result of which $ 13 million was stolen from investors. In addition, McAfee will also face tax evasion lawsuits between 2014 and 2018.

In the period from 2014 to 2018, the entrepreneur participated in the promotion of several ICOs, acted as a consultant on various cryptocurrency projects and made a profit from trading digital assets. The US authorities claim that McAfee earned multi-million dollar amounts from promoting crypto projects, consulting and other sources. But he never filed tax returns. The prosecution also admits that he may hide real estate, cars and yachts registered to others. The maximum sentence on seven counts can be one hundred years in prison. The entrepreneur called the legal claims “overblown”.

US government seeks extradition

McAfee’s life behind bars seems contemplative. Despite being in a Spanish prison, McAfee writes quite frequently on the social network Twitter. In one of the last messages, he said that he had no cryptocurrencies left.

During a hearing in the Spanish National Court this week, McAfee said he would refuse voluntary extradition, calling his case political.

The entrepreneur believes that his persecution by the American authorities dictated by political motives, since in 2018 he announced that he would run for president of the United States and expose corruption in the Internal Revenue Service. Two months later, he was charged with tax evasion.

Recall also that McAfee believes that the US authorities are using the case against him to punish all cryptocurrencies.

The US government is currently seeking McAfee’s extradition and a Spanish court will issue a ruling in the next few days.

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