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Heavy Metal Magazine’s NFT Collection


Heavy Metal Magazine’s NFT Collection. Curio, the leading NFT platform for the largest entertainment companies, released officially licensed NFT (non-fungible tokens) from Heavy Metal Magazine. In fact, The collection consists of 3,600 items representing the elements of four covers. Released in blind packages worth 0.02 ETH.

This is the first drop when the magazine releases its covers as NFT, and the second partnership with Curio after the launch of the successful NFT collection The Women of Heavy Metal.

Combining the Heavy Metal Covers – Series I collection unlocks a new, more valuable Legendary NFT bonus. Thus, each NFT purchased in a blind package is one of three elements of full coverage. Consequently, starting from September 24, a collector who has all three elements of one cover can connect them together to open the Full Cover NFT.

In addition, collectors who bought NFT in the first Heavy Metal collection can exchange their Heavy Metal Rewards Points for lottery tickets with a chance to win up to 25 NFT.

Ben Arnon and Matthew Medney

Ben Arnon, Curio’s co-founder & CRO, said they are inspired to collaborate again with the new release, which gives collectors and fans new ways to interact with their favourite content. “The Curio team grew up reading the magazine. And seeing the demand for its NFTs has proven we’re a perfect match”, he also noted.

Similarly, Matthew Medney, CEO of Heavy Metal magazine, stated that they are proud to push the boundaries in entertainment, and their first entry into the NFT market demonstrated that their audience is interested in joining them on this journey. “We’re excited to see what we can do with our new collection. And explore new ways to engage with fans. And continue to adapt to the new ways that our customers and beyond are interacting with media”, he said.

About companies

Curio presents a new universe to serve fans with digital collectables based on the modern technology of NFT. Working with the biggest names in the entertainment industry, Curio offers innovative, cutting-edge interaction opportunities. In order to please fans and provide new ways to improve their relationships with brands.

First published in 1977, Heavy Metal Magazine is the world’s largest illustrated fantasy magazine. That explores fantasy and surreal worlds, alternative realities, science fiction and thrillers in the past, present and future. Writers and illustrators from all over the world will take you to places that you never even dreamed of. It was the first magazine to bring European legends such as Moebius, Enki Bilal and Pepe Moreno to the United States, and also introduced American superstars such as Richard Corben, Jim Steranko and Bernie Wrightson.

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