Home News Grayscale finds that over 25% of US households surveyed currently own Bitcoin

Grayscale finds that over 25% of US households surveyed currently own Bitcoin


According to a report released on Monday by Grayscale Investments, more than a quarter of U.S. investors (26%) now possess Bitcoin (BTC). 46% and 44% of these owners also have Ethereum (ETH) and Dogecoin (DOGE) in their accounts, respectively. A further three-quarter of those polled (77%) indicated they would likely invest in Bitcoin through an exchange-traded fund.

A total of 1,000 people ranging in age from 25 to 64 took part in the poll. All had a minimum of $10,000 in investable household assets (excluding employment retirement plans and real estate). As well, a minimum of $50,000 in household income. The majority of people buy cryptocurrencies through a trading app or a crypto exchange directly. Only a small percentage of Bitcoin investors use a typical self-brokerage or industry specialists to invest in the cryptocurrency. In fact, the percentage of respondents who use a financial advisor to manage their crypto exposure has dropped from 30% in 2020 to only 11% this year.

Three times as many investors regard BTC to be an investment rather than a currency when it comes to investment planning. Furthermore, more than half of those polled see Bitcoin as a long-term investment. That can be incorporated into their entire portfolio strategy. 77% stated they bought BTC in the previous year. 91% of those polled say their investment is currently profitable.

Across all age groups, genders, and educational levels, there was a near-universal growth in Bitcoin use. The ability to invest small sums of money, accessibility at any time, and a big sector growth potential were all highlighted as key factors in its appeal, according to the survey.

The parent firm of Grayscale has increased its GBTC purchase authorization to $1 billion

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