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Gas DAO project announced GAS tokens airdrop


Gas DAO project announced the launch of the native GAS token and airdrop 55% of the issue among users who spent more than $1,559 on Ethereum (ETH) transfer fees.

Thus, the project selected for distribution a total of 634,429 wallets. Furthermore, the snapshot was taken on December 26. Users can receive tokens within the airdrop until May 1, 2022. Unclaimed GAS will go to the treasury of the project.

Gas DAO distributed tokens as follows 55% – airdrop; 30% – the treasury of the project; 15% is a reserve for 25 main participants.

The proposal to improve the Ethereum EIP-1559 network

Moreover, the minimum amount of $1,559 spent on commissions to participate in the airdrop dedicated to the proposal to improve the Ethereum EIP-1559 network. With the introduction of which it began to burn ETH during transactions.

In addition, investors are actively getting rid of GAS. According to CoinGecko, during the day the price of the project’s native token fell by 60.8%.

Many projects have used airdrops to build governance systems this year; and users who have used these protocols at least once are getting rewards with these airdropped governance tokens.

Many projects have used airdrops to build governance systems this year

Recall that on December 24, the OpenDAO project conducted an airdrop of SOS tokens among users of the OpenSea NFT marketplace. SOS is the ERC-20 standard token. Thus, users who “made purchases on OpenSea in ETH” had the right to participate in the airdrop. The distribution is carried out on the basis of a snapshot taken on December 23, 2021. Users can collect tokens until June 30, 2022.

Earlier, BitMEX has announced the launch and airdrop of its own BMEX native token. Existing and future traders on the platform can earn an asset in the form of a discount on trading commissions. BMEX will also award tokens to new users for registration with KYC (know your customer) procedures.

In November, ParaSwap has issued a PSP management token and also launched an airdrop of 150 million coins to create a community. The total PSP issue amounted to 2 billion tokens. ParaSwap distributed 7.5% of the offer among approximately 20,000 early accounts on the platform. Therefore, coin owners can use them in staking, to generate additional income. Or to vote on project management issues.

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