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Folgory is a digital merchant solution based on the crypto platform. Its design enables users to store and instantly accept different types of crypto.

With this solution, you get to sell from your merchant store directly and transmit payment requests to buyers through email. You can do all this via a single blockchain solution.

Why Use Folgory?

One of the hardest things that merchants operating today have had to deal with is the influx of cryptocurrencies. There are a dozen cryptocurrencies getting launched each day. As a savvy businessperson, you will want to make sure that you can address all the needs of your clients with ease.

Folgory is here to make this a possibility. With this solution, you get to do the following online:

Send Request Payments

How do you make sure that you get paid on time and without inconveniencing your personnel or your clients? By sending a payment request! The solution is designed in such a way that merchants can send invoices at any time without having to worry about the payments they are asking for.

Within the request, the customer will find information pertaining to how much they should pay, and how to go about it. They can then send the funds directly to your digital wallet.

In-Store Payment

With in-store payment, all a merchant needs to do is display their QR code to their clients. Ensure that the code you place in your shop, restaurant, or hotel is visible.

Clients can then make payments through the POS terminal, screen, or their Android/iOS mobile wallets. Payment is made securely and within seconds.

Wallet Euro Converter

Merchants can convert their digital assets into crypto or vice versa using Folgory. All this is done within a click of a button.

What happens is that clients receive the funds in a real-time and they get to make a decision whether to top up their Folgory cards, convert to euro, or top up their digital wallets.

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 5 reviews
 by Renò
Folgory exchange cool idea

From few time im user of folgory, all fine till now. And now i spend a lot of time in folgory every day and i have a profit of around 10$ daily just for visit them

 by Mike
good experience

Im a user from 2 years, and finally i have the right services, completed with my folgory card

thanks team

 by Debbie
Amazing experience

I earning crypto FLG just for visit folgory

thanks you

 by Konige
to be honest

i have to be honest, before i was hesitant to try this exchange. But I tried. Excellent exchange rate. A great alternative to many exchanges. Stable prices and excellent availability of funds. Now I'd like to order the folgory card

 by David
Fast service and card received

Fast service, support who solved my problem in time, I also received the folgory visa card. Thank you very much